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Personal Enrichment
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Topic: Why Recruiters Business Plans Often Fail...What They Never Teach You About Building a Plan That Works All The Time!
Presented by: Mike Gionta 
When: 12/17/2015 
In this session, Mike will reveal:
  • The MORTAL SIN in Recruiting and How to Avoid It!
  • The 1st Most ESSENTIAL Step to Achievement That Most Recruiters Leave out.
  • Secrets he uncovered building his own successful firm.
  • The mistakes that MOST recruiters and owners make to avoid along the path of building riches in this business.
You will learn:
  • The questions to get clear on what you REALLY want.
  • How to be Clear on Exactly What you Need to Do Each Day to Add 6 Figures or More to Your Business
  • Know what the "land mines" are that can destroy your plan for 2016... and how to AVOID them!
  • The key elements of Plans that work That GROW your revenues in 2016. (most have NO CLUE what these are!)
  • Leave this session with a blueprint for your next 12 months Business/Desk Growth Plan.
  • The EXACT Steps to Take That Make Billings Consistent and Predictable!




Topic: The Power of Leverage

Presented by: Jordan Rayboy

When: 2/17/16 

Highlights: So you are a successful solo recruiter and have watched your billings grow over the years, until one day, you inevitably reach a critical mass of having more work than you have bandwidth to deliver on, meaning you are now leaving money on the table. The problem with being a top producer in our business is that everything that got you where you are is exactly what will keep you from getting where you want to go. In this session, Jordan takes you along the growth path from producer to leader.




Topic: How to Be a Million Dollar Producer

Presented by: Stacy Pursell

When: 3/3/2016

Highlights: If I can do it, you can too! You run a successful recruiting desk, but you're stuck in a rut. You can't seem to get to the next level. You want to bill more than you've ever billed before . . . but HOW do you do it? A 18 year veteran of the recruiting industry, Stacy has billed more than $1 million during a calendar year multiple times, and she's done it as a solo operator running her own firm. She knows what it takes, and she wants to share her knowledge.




Topic: The top 7 mistakes a veteran recruiters make 

Presented by: Aaron Wandtke

When: 4/7/2016

Highlights: Anyone new to recruiting is bound to make a lot of mistakes.  Once you have been in this business for a couple years, bad habits are formed.  This session will raise your awareness of bad habits you have developed.  We will discuss mistakes with recruiting candidates, business development as well as your overall desk and self-management.  Be prepared for a wake-up call highlighting bad habits you may be doing every day.  In addition, be prepared to have takeaways you can use immediately at your desk.  Simple suggestions that will improve your results within the next 48 hours.




Topic: Jeremy's Soapbox....everything our industry could & should be doing better.
Presented by: Jeremy Sisemore
When: 6/11/2015
Highlights: Out of all the complaining many recruiters do about their poor client relationships, working on bad search assignments, not getting feedback, having poor candidate control, getting offers turned down...most of it is our own fault. Take control of your own destiny and learn how asking the right questions and and setting up your relationships on the front-end correctly, will preserve your sanity! And of course, lead to better candidate and client relationships and increased billings.





Topic: Health and Stress Management Tips to Boost Your Success as a Recruiter

Presented by: Patricia Conlin, Global Consulting Group Inc. 

When: 7/16/2015 
Highlights: You will learn: 
  • How to implement small changes to make you a better Recruiter - on the phone, as a manager, in interviews and in negotiations with clients.
  • The effects of the right foods on stress, clarity of thought, and energy.
  • The effects of too much stress and too little sleep on your health.
  • Easy ways to get fit - even at your desk - that build confidence, stamina and recharge your career and life!
  • Insights into healthier communication with client to build lasting clients relationships!



TopicCombating Chronic Career Disorder (CCD)
Presented by: Frank Burtnett
When: 1/13/2016
Highlights: Search and staffing professionals encounter candidates on a daily basis who are experiencing what educator and author Frank Burtnett calls Chronic Career Disorder (CCD). They are the active, semi-active and passive job seekers and changers who are searching for support and direction to help get their careers on track or back on track.

There are no vaccinations for CCD, but many remedies can be found in a fundamental understanding of the career development process and the psychological adjustments that will guide victims of CCD from where they are to where they want to be. Join the Lunch & Learn at noon on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 and Frank will share his thoughts on how search and staffing professionals can become exceptional career development facilitators.





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