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2017 Conference Sessions

Maximize Personalities for Sales Success
Carletta Clyatt

Sales drive your business forward, so why settle for good enough? Hiring and keeping productive, successful sales representatives presents an enormous challenge to many employers. You need order makers, not order takers and the cost of replacing even a mediocre order taker is equivalent to their annual salary! Join us to learn what to look for in sales candidates. Walk away with powerful interview questions, and learn the common characteristics of top sales people.

Interoffice Dynamics: Sales vs. Service
Carletta Clyatt

Admit it…sometimes the office can feel more like a war zone than a productive team environment. Salespeople don’t get why the service team asks so many questions and must have every “i” dotted and “t” crossed, while the service team can’t understand why salespeople are so unorganized, last-minute, and pushy. Join us to learn what it takes for sales and service to work together effectively and how opposing dynamics can make an unstoppable team.

Giving Good Voicemail
Kathleen Kurke

Leaving voicemail after voicemail leaves you wondering if anybody’s out there. It keeps you off the phone. STOP! Learn to leverage voicemail (and email!) to advance your deals, not stall your deals and crush your spirit.

You’ll leave this session able to:
- Leave voicemails that will create a positive impression and help move deals forward
- Quickly create voicemail and email scripts for marketing and recruiting
- Increase referrals and inbound calls by pairing voicemails and emails with other social media

FEAR TALK: Blasting the Ugly Myths of Contract Recruiting
Amy West

If direct hire recruiting is your bread and butter, how about a big side of gravy? It’s true, some recruiters are still not taking advantage of recurring revenue from contract placements. Why do some recruitment professionals bypass contract recruiting if it’s so lucrative?

There are a plethora of reasons:
*Contract recruiting isn’t my business model
* I specialize in “niche” recruitment
* It’s an administrative nightmare
* My candidates wouldn’t want a contract job
* I can earn more money in Direct Hire fees than contract
* Contract recruiting is hard!

In this session, learn how to overcome myths, fears and doubts about contract recruiting. Gain the tools to diversify your recruiting business and capitalize on the power profits.

Stop sending business to your competitors!

* Direct Hire recruiters will learn how to accommodate contract hiring needs from clients
* How to steps for offering contract services
* What kind of profit to expect by offering contract placements

Killer and Free Sourcing Techniques for Recruiters
Todd Bossler

Finding qualified candidates has been sore spot for recruiters since the beginning of time. With the advent of social networks, it should be easier than every to find them. But tools LinkedIn and Facebook can lull you into a time vacuum that produce little to no leads at all. Todd will show you a few tricks he's learned from some of the industry's brightest minds on how to surface contacts on LinkedIn, Face Best of all, the techniques he'll show you require no investment but your time!

Taking Automation to the Next Level
Terri Roeslmeier

Companies like Apple, Netflix, Google, and Dell are 40% more productive than the average company, according to research from the leadership consulting firm Bain & Company. Why?

In this session, we will examine successful productivity models. Processes that waste time and prevent people from completing tasks can cause the average company to lose greater than 25% of productivity. This is commonly known as “organizational drag”.

Since effectiveness and productivity are directly linked to profitability, organizational drag can have a direct effect on a company’s bottom-line. It is also true that more positive employee experiences are linked to better performance, extra effort at work and lower turnover.

Since it’s a digital world, technology is a relevant partner in achieving corporate profitability goals. In the 80’s the staffing industry began engaging in ATS technology in order to automate daily processes and create a more effective recruiting and search environment. Today, a staffing company’s digital footprint spans way beyond ATS.

Cloud, mobile, client and candidate facing portals, digital recruiting, social media and data analytics are just the beginning. We will look at how these technologies impact the client and candidate experience. User experience and engagement with automation is very important to its success. We will explore how to implement these technologies effectively and discover why mobile options are critical. Creating a compelling data driven recruiting and selling environment with 100% buy-in will be envisioned.

In a mobile, web-based digital environment, proper security is essential. This session will cover what you need to do in order to ensure that your data is protected. Internal and external security policies are a precondition for a safe computing environment. We will cover crucial questions that you need to ask your cloud provider. You will also learn how to protect devices connected to the cloud and the risks of being unguarded. Further, we will take the conversation to why you need to be on the cloud.

Work-life balance is the theme for a dynamic corporate culture. How can automation help? What about the work environment? See how furniture, keyboard and monitor choices can improve productivity and how to create the ideal automation ecosystem.

Implementing and Executing a Highly Effective Sales Process
Tom Erb

Sales is harder now than ever before. Your prospects aren’t answering the phone or calling you back, there is more competition than ever, and you just seem to be running up against one brick wall after another. In this session, we will explain why sales has become increasingly more difficult, talk about the key mistakes that most sales reps are making, and discuss our systematic sales process that is proven to get more appointments and land more new business in the staffing industry.

Present Moment Awareness: For More Placements
Bob Larson, CPC

“Talent Acquisition Lessons Learned on the Yoga Mat”

16 Years on the Yoga Mat – 39 Years doing Talent Acquisition - We work in a “instant” results, “instant” information, “instant” communication environment. Our clients look for us to respond instantly, 24/7. For example, one of our staffing assignments had us covering the three U.S. time zones with the client located at a 17 hour differential. Sleep for us to service this client was not an option.

Fall-offs, cancelled appointments, no-shows, MIA clients and candidates, client’s poor communication/feedback, failed background checks and just the fact that our product (candidate) has a “free-will” adds to our world-wind challenges and disappointments.

At times you operate in a panic mode, searching for candidates, job-orders, concerned that budgets are being slashed, expenses are under double scrutiny and in the back of your mind you wonder if/where your next job-order will materialize.

Learn how Yoga Philosophies’: “staying in the moment”, “breath control”, “flexibility”, ‘relaxation”, “patience” and “just sitting” can bring positive – sensible – realistic results to yourself, your billings and build confidence within your department and organization.

No organizational charts, PowerPoint presentations, strategic plans, metrics or mission statements will be offered. Only peaceful, simple solutions will be offered. Attend this session with an open mind and it is strongly suggested you leave your PDA’s and shoes outside the room… Namaste

The Art of Influence
Barbara J Bruno, CPC, CTS

Great leaders understand that their power flows through them not from them, which is why effective leaders have followers while managers have subordinates. Leadership isn’t just about having a powerful position.

This session will provide you with the wisdom and inspiration you need to lead at a higher level. Barb will share 15 specific techniques that will help you master the art of influence with your team, clients, candidates and peers.

The Management Buffet
Candy Bradford

Managing in 2017 is nothing like it was just a handful of years ago. It’s a Buffet of different types of personalities, born and raised with different views of how to work, when to work and how we should treat them. Managing a team of multigenerations or a room full of Millennials is not hard or easy, it’s just Different and it can be FUN times or drive you (yes I’ll say it)Crazy! I have learned from those I manage, the pitfalls and my successes, I will share with you measurement tools I use and the 8 best things that made a difference in retention and creating a culture of competition and accountability. I’ll also share how I HAD to CHANGE and the thngs I had to give up that just don’t work in today’s environments. In the last 3 years our team has a average per desk of $289K and over 7 of the recruiters have a average of 7.2 years with the company the lowest is 3 years. We have a mixture of recruiters in their 20,s,30’s,40’s and a 50 yr old. In addition, I have 2 new recruiters that are millennials and 2 more desk for new office expansion.

People Analytics ~ Serving Millennials in the American Workplace
Frank Burtnett

Exactly who are these millennials (born 1990-2000) who represent the largest segment of the American workforce? Dr. Frank Burtnett will discuss the importance of “people analytics” as a critical consideration in serving the career development needs of millennials and how the establishment of improved rapport with these candidates will result in successful placements. His analysis will include an in-depth examination from both an individual (e.g., knowledge, skillset, career and educational experiences, personal traits, attitudes, values and lifestyle preferences) and group (e.g., social and cultural characteristics, beliefs, mindsets and likes/dislikes) perspective.

Old School - New Money - Why Technology is Costing You Placements
Greg Doersching

LinkedIn Issues, Social Media Specialists, Off-shore Recruiters - the list of tools that have become available to Recruiters in the last 15 years is staggering. Yet, here's the problem...Recruiters have gotten so bogged down with dealing with tool issues we've forgotten how to do Recruiting. It's time to fix it! Join Greg Doersching one of the industry's leading voices as he walks you through how to bring back that old school head hunter tactics to desk that blend the best of technology with the best of being on the phone. If you want to make more placements - this is the session you don't want to miss.

10 Proven Techniques To Make More Placements
Andrea Tajgiszer

In this session we will focus on ten simple techniques that will help you make more placements.

We will discuss strategies and tips to pre-close both Clients and Candidates and make sure that both parties are "ready to go". It is one thing to say they are ready - it is another for them to "show" you they are ready. Actions always speak louder than words.

We will also focus on brand awareness and dominating your niche while receiving more referrals.

Recruiter or Adult Daycare Provider – Which One Are You?
Greg Doersching

We all need therapy - Recruiters, Candidates, and Clients. We have turned this industry and process so upside down that we often feel more like Adult Daycare providers than the true Industry Consultants we should be. Join Greg Doersching one of the industry's leading voices as he walks you through how to stop the insanity. How to understand that there is a true psychology behind what we do and how people react to what we do. You need to look at Recruiting in a new way and this session will give you just that – straight answers on how to put the train back on the tracks.

Real Recruiting - Building Meaningful Relationships
Carol Wenom

One of the single biggest things that catapulted my billings from "average" to "Pinnacle level" was how I viewed my relationships with my clients and then how I executed that vision. There are some significant changes that you can make in how you interact with and engage your clients that will take you from "transactional recruiter" to "Preferred Provider." This session will dissect the relationship between client and recruiter. We'll examine how you got to where you are, and then give you the tools to forge a new level of relationship to take your business and your billings to the next level.

Grinding Out Growth - Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Monte Merz

A hands on Owner/Manager describes how a Search Firm intended to be a local one-man shop grew from zero to 28 employees and over $10 M in Revenue with consistent common sense fundamentals and processes. Hallmarks of the program are hiring with almost no turnover (44 hires in 15 years while retaining 28 employees), clear expectations of what the company and the job are, simple yet consistent reporting and performance metrics, strong compensation plans, complete transparency, and a healthy corporate culture.

Take aways…
- Hire right. Keep them forever.
- Reverse Engineering Success: Consistent structure on the front-end equals profit on the back-end
- Corporate Culture is everything

How to Stand Out in a Field of Copy-Cats: Small Tweaks in Your Style to Produce Outstanding Results
Laura King

So many times we are put into a bucket in someone's mind before we even open our mouths as recruiters. But yet I've found that many of my colleagues, including myself, were actually "feeding" into the negative stereotypes. After recording and analyzing countless conversations between hiring managers and recruiters, and HR and recruiters, I have a hit list of the top 5 deadly mistakes you might not even know you're making. And moreso, how do you recognize these mistakes to correct them over time. In this hands-on session, we'll explore the good, the bad and the ugly --> you'll have a few chuckles, but more important you'll walk away with an action plan that will have your clients seeing you in a whole new light.

Take aways:
Identify destructive behaviors that cost you your reputation
Leave with a plan to begin to replace bad behaviors/habits with ones that are most productive in our business
Be inspired to commit to the changes identified by doing a peer exercise during the session

Make Placements by Overcoming Objections with Contract Staffing
Bob Marshall

This conference session is in keeping with the spirit of Bob’s series on working a Blended Desk and is based on information secured from three highly regarded professional sources: one of the greatest sales trainers of all time; the President of three divisions of the Adecco Group, North America--the largest contract staffing & permanent placement firm in the world; and the President of one of Georgia’s most successful contract staffing firms who is also a marketing guru and tech whiz kid. The presentation will also be built upon Bob’s 36+ years of experience training and coaching in the recruitment industry.

Central to this presentation, Bob will discuss the three ways to deal with marketing objections and how to turn them into placements. Some of the info that will be shared:

I. The rationale behind making marketing calls and how to make scintillating presentations;
II. The Five Step Marketing Plan;
III. The Three Part Objection Formula;
IV. Weaving the 13 Contract Staffing Advocate Statements into your marketing presentation;
V. The Four most common Contract Staffing objections and how to deal with them when they come up;
VI. Bonus Material: Questioning Technique & dealing with Generalizations;

In this session, Bob will give you techniques that the top producers are using today to turn objections into placements. He will recommend the new positions that you can take to generate new revenues. And, through the Blended Desk, how you can effectively arrive at the 100% marketplace where every client you contact can utilize your services…the so-called one-stop supermarket of employment services; something that, without the Blended Desk concept, has been historically impossible. Let that sink in for a minute…the 100% marketplace!

If you are intrigued by these concepts and want some new ideas on how to deal with the objections you receive and turn them into placements on the search and/or staffing side of your business, join Bob on Friday, September 22nd, 2017 from 11am – 12:15pm and learn how to run an even more successful operation!

Fresh Faces: Finding People Online Without LinkedIn or Social Media
Jason Thibeaut

There's a lot of ways to find someone online, but many recruiters get bogged down in LinkedIn, job boards, and false hope. We will show some innovative techniques for finding people - and keep the boolean low, so anyone can learn to do it before the session is over.

10x Your Desk: More Results, Less Effort
Jenifer Lambert

In this session, Jen will outline simple levers you can pull to get an exponential increase in the production and profitability of your blended desk. These are the same strategies her firm has been using to achieve a growth rate more than 3 times higher than industry average for the past decade. Super practical actions you can take as soon as you get back to your desk.

Are You the Pig or the Chicken?
Jeff Kaye

The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed. As it relates to the growth of your firm, which one are you?

Are you a recruiter working in the business who dreams of working on it more as a leader, or are you a leader growing a firm who happens to be also be a recruiter? Although it may seem like an unnecessary distinction, deciding if you are the involved chicken or the committed pig is a critical decision for the future of your organization.

On a desk, Jeff Kaye made 25 placements in his best year ever; this year, he will directly participate in a percentage of over 100 times that many. This has required a commitment to a continuous pursuit of the next level that few are capable of. If you choose to stop being involved in the growth of your firm and instead be committed to that growth, join us as we spend the session helping you solidify your own next level path!

Fresh Faces: Finding People Online without LinkedIn or Social Media
Tricia Tamkin

There's a lot of ways to find someone online, but many recruiters get bogged down in LinkedIn, job boards, and false hope. We will show some innovative techniques for finding people - and keep the boolean low, so anyone can learn to do it before the session is over.

Branding in 3 Simple Steps
Fran Goldstein CSP CPC

Creating powerful candidate brands is your most valuable marketing tool. Learn how to craft profile brands that enhance resumes & social media. The result will be significantly more send outs & placements.

3 Simple Steps!

  • You will establish a technique to present candidates that result in immediate client interest.
  • You will gain credibility & trust from your clients & candidates.
  • Your candidates will interview with more confidence.
  • Your candidates will land faster & with compensation at the top of their range.
  • And, your own brand & value proposition will begin to sell for you.

This is a fun & interactive workshop you don’t want to miss!

The Constantly Evolving Legal Definitions of Joint Employment and What They Mean for Many Common Business Relationships
Michelle L. Gomez

Employers face an increasing level of uncertainty as to how their workers will be classified under the myriad standards defining joint employment liability. While the DOL recently withdrew its guidance setting forth an expansive view of joint employer and independent contractor liability, the Courts continue to expand the same under an array of statutes, and the NLRB’s 2015 decision in Browning-Ferris remains a game-changer for U.S. businesses. These competing standards lead to administrative agencies and the Courts injecting themselves on a case-by-case basis into complex business relationships. Littler attorneys have been confronting these evolving standards from the front lines and gathering recommended practices to minimize the risk of being found a joint employer. This session will delve into the nuanced details of the various standards and explore various business relationships to determine and discuss the level of risk and potential liability.

Controlled Chaos
Karen Schmidt
We all get that you cannot control other people, but only yourself. Clients will drag their feet in getting back with you, candidates will not follow through on what they said they would do, and the search process can be mired in a variety of frustrating circumstances. But what if one of the very things we can control about ourselves is the amount of control we require from others? What if we are less victims of circumstance, and more masters of our intention? This session is not about expecting more from other people; it’s about expecting more from yourself. This content-rich time will be packed with new, tactical, and revitalizing content designed to define and dominate critical control points throughout the placement process.

The Journey from Order Take to Consultant
Mike Lejeune

As an industry we have long desired to be seen as a trusted advisor or consultant to clients and candidates. Yet how often are we placed in situations where our process in staffing creates the wrong image, positioning us as order takers and turning our business into a commodity? Mike will put a magnifying glass in this town hall format on the placement process in staffing to uncover where our words and actions become trust busters and create the wrong image. This workshop is designed i to build a roadmap to creating lasting relationships with clients and candidates.

David Vs Goliath - How to Compete Against the Big Agencies
Rolf Kramer

Small companies inherently don't feel like they have the budgets or staff size to go head to head with the big companies but you can get your fair share of the business. In this presentation, Rolf Kramer, an underdog of 20+ years in the staffing business will give you tips and tricks and methodologies to help you win and keep business while competing against the bigger companies.

Interactive Talent Acquisition Panel: Building Strong Relationships with Talent Acquisition Professionals
This panel will be an interactive discussion designed to provide feedback and insights to how we as external recruiters can work better with talent acquisition professionals to ultimately get to the end goal of hiring great people for our clients. You'll hear about our clients’ hiring objectives, the importance of our clients’ culture and how we can properly submit candidates to our clients. You will get an insider’s perspective about what is being told to them by the hiring managers and how we can best learn what the hiring managers are looking for.

Big Biller Panel
None of us were born knowing we wanted to be a recruiter, and most us didn’t even know it was a “thing” until we fell into our line of work by accident. But, if you’re reading this article, making placements is what you do and you aspire to do it well. That’s the first step to being a Big Biller.

This year's Big Biller Panel is made up of members of the Pinnacle Society and renowned Big Billers. Even to quality for consideration, Pinnacle Society members must document that they’ve been in the permanent placement industry for at least 5 years and billed in excess of $400K/year for at least 3 of the 5 most recent years. Pinnacle Society members demonstrate excellence, experience and expertise. When you see Pinnacle Society members participating on a Big Billers panel, it’s your chance to hear their honest answers to your questions about how to elevate your own production.


September 20 - 22, 2017
8:00 - 5:00pm MST


Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center
650 15th Street
Denver, Colorado 80202
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Room rate: $199.00 / single and double occupancy
Reservations can be made at this reduced rate via the 2017 NAPS Annual Conference’s dedicated reservation weblink.

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