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Sourcing Strategy & Candidate Procurement
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Topic: Free or cheap tools to help you Source and Recruit

Presented by: Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault

When: 4/20/2017 
Highlights: There are so many Chrome Extensions and online tools you can be using to help your business. Some of them will cut down on your time spent, others replace costly services, and others improve the quality of what you do. But some of them are not that useful. We’ve been testing them for years and can guide you to the best ones for your team.

Topic: Learn the efficient, metrics-driven process to recruit the best candidates online, by phone and, like FBI Agents, learn the what-you-say and what-you-don’t-say via NLP/Neuro-linguistics programming
Presented by: Conni LaDouceur
When: 1/20/2016 

Highlights: Learn the efficient, metrics-driven process to recruit the best candidates online and by phone and, like FBI Agents, learn the what-you-say and what-you-don’t-say via NLP/Neuro-linguistics programming. Conni LaDouceur, President and Chief Sourcing Strategist, ExecuQuest Corp., will share efficient internet results and dissect actual calls identifying on-target talent to hire or place the most qualified talent, not the most available. Hear how you identify complete intact teams, reporting relationships, direct dial numbers, email addresses, etc., in any industry, any function, worldwide, from individual contributors to senior management with empowering sourcing best practices. Excel in recruiting for the most challenging open positions via this fun, fearless formula and improve your reputation as the Deliverer of Results!





Topic: Recruiting Passive A-players Your Clients Want To Hire

Presented by: Jordan Rayboy - CPC, CERS, President & CEO, Rayboy Insider Search

When: 4/8/2015 
Highlights: What do our clients really want from us? Usually, they want our help identifying, attracting, and landing the top performers from their direct competitors. But how do we get the hook into these A-players that are doing well and not even considering changing jobs at the point that we call them? Jordan Rayboy will share his strategies for recruiting the passive A-players your clients truly want to hire.

Key Takeaways

  • How to differentiate your recruiting approach with candidates
  • Structuring your mass emails to pique curiosity and maximize response rates
  • Specific scripted language to quickly engage candidates and literally "dive-bomb" into a dialogue about their background and career aspirations
  • Getting to a YES, and overcoming objections
  • Closing them on having an exploratory conversation with your client




Topic: 12 Reasons Rethinking Reference Checking will rock your recruiting

Presented by: Robert Bennett

When: 5/11/2016

Highlights: Amp up your recruiting process in 2016 by taking your reference checking online via an automated solution! Many reference checks today yield little more than confirmations of employment dates. Getting authentic and relevant feedback is just one of the 12 reasons why you should rethink your reference checking process.

Discover 12 reasons to take your reference checking process online, including:

·         An online process that gives references a quick way to provide rich, detailed feedback anytime, anywhere – and makes you look like a rock star by giving your clients the information they need to make more informed hiring decisions

·         A mobile-friendly reference feedback program that makes it easier for references to respond and increases the volume of feedback

·         A new way to reach more prospective candidates to quickly build your talent pipeline – especially useful for those hard-to-fill or niche positions

Join us for a live webinar to get even more facts on why it’s time to transform reference checking into a strategic activity. 





Topic: Inside the Mind of the Modern Job Seeker: Careerbuilder's 2016 Candidate Behavior Study

Presented by: James Peurach

When: 6/29/2016

Highlights: The digital and mobile world has revolutionized nearly every aspect of our lives — from how we communicate to how we shop and even how we search for jobs. While technology has made certain aspects of the job search process more efficient for both recruiters and job seekers, it can also make the overall experience feel impersonal. A new, comprehensive study from CareerBuilder highlights the challenges of today’s job candidate experience, and the impact it can have on the company’s recruitment strategy and overall brand. Learn more about the study and gain insight into the mind of the job candidate in this session. Use these takeaways to address challenges with your own recruitment process and enhance the experience for both recruiters and candidates. 





Topic: What we know but don’t do, because we’re just too smart for our own good

Presented by: Sean Rigsby

When: 11/04/2016

Highlights: Learn to commit to finding MPC's, Pre-Planning, getting fresh candidates and constantly bettering your skills






Topic:Candidate Preclosing and Closing

Presented by: Andrea Tajgiszer

When: 1/25/2017

Highlights:  It’s a candidate driven market, let’s make sure we have strong relationships and committed candidates.   In this webinar we will focus on selling the value of working with a recruiting firm, what’s in it for them and how to exchange commitments and set expectations.  We will also discuss ways to “test” your candidates to make sure they are truly interested in making a career change.  Lastly, we will work on various pre-closing and closing techniques to have candidates that are closed and ready to go if/when an offer is made.




Topic:The Truth, The whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Presented by: Carol Wenom

When: 2/16/2017

Highlights: Let's discuss the importance of transparency in your conversation with clients and candidates.  How do you present a less than perfect candidate or a less than A+ opportunity and still be 100% truthful? Should you tell clients and candidates EVERYTHING there is to know about each other? Can you client or candidate really stand to hear the truth and/or are you prepared to tell them?! 





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