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What our members are saying...

"NAPS has been a valuable source of mentoring, advocacy, and training for many of our recruiters. We have appreciated the industry critical leadership that NAPS has provided for independent recruiters and staffing firms of all sizes."

Ed Hubbard
TFI Resources 

"Through NAPS I've been able to meet people who have become my mentors. Watching how they built their businesses, became successful, and how they continue to be successful in our changing times. It's been critical to the growth of my company. And what's nice is these people become your friends. To me the personal benefit is the mentoring. And my entire staff has been able to take advantage of the certifications."

Sheila Crawford
Staffing Connection
NAPS Director, District 4 

"NAPS give you access to all kinds of people who are specialized in all kinds of industries around the US. It's a great place to exchange information and ideas, and to hone best practices that can be implemented in your own organization."

Karen Richards, CERS
Fidelis/Adv Comm
NAPS Director, District 4 

"I joined NAPS four years ago when we had a joint membership with our Kansas-Missouri Association. I have found it to be invaluable for the trainings, certification opportunities, speakers, and conferences. I also use some of the vendor discounts. My membership investment has paid for itself many times over."

Bruce Putman
A-1 Careers
NAPS Director, District 5 

"When I first went into business, NAPS was my resource for training. They keep me informed of issues and trends that affect my business and our Profession. The CPC and CTS certification programs are the most established in our Profession and also include a comprehensive continuing education requirement. Whenever I've had a problem, they will provide a solution, or a resource that can resolve the issue. The annual conference is a "must attend" not only for the education, but the contacts."

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS
Good as Gold Training, Inc.
HR Search, Inc.

"The Next Level Exchange membership is probably worth the cost of dues to NAPS, so everything else we get from NAPS is a bonus."

Larry Weinberg CPA CPC CSP CTS
Accounting Career Consultant

"As a professional, you owe it to your clients to be a member of your profession's industry trade association. Becoming a certified recruiter is not a requirement but it sends the message that that recruiting is more than just a hobby for you. You are a professional."

Dave Nerz, CPC
NPA, The Worldwide Recruiting Network

"The game of recruiting is continually changing as the speed of technology moves now at record pace. As some of the basics remain the same, techniques and technologies continually get re-invented - making it easier for you to do our wonderful profession.

There is no other greater resource available today in North America - other than a NAPS membership and attendance of the NAPS events that allow an individual or company to stay on the sharp edge of technique and technologies to make their jobs more effective and efficient. More importantly it will help you keep your clients elated.

Join NAPS today. Better yet - learn and attend every NAPS event local and nationally you can. And welcome to the edge!" 

Jon Bartos
President and CEO
Jonathan Scott International

"Let's face it—anyone with a internet connection and a cell phone can call themselves a recruiter but your affiliation with NAPS demonstrates a commitment to the industry, to an ethical standard and to aligning yourself with the market makers of our profession. Market conditions drive people in and out of this business, but those who invest in their own education and professional development will create sustainable success and membership in NAPS is a big part of that."

Jenifer Lambert
Elevate Performance Systems

"NAPS is a family of like minded individuals. The close feeling of belonging is unique to this national association. Get involved and learn from the best!" 

Pat Turner

"Being a member of NAPS has exposed me to some of the top talent in the search profession. Because of that exposure, NAPS has stoked the attitude in me to be better, every day." 

Joe Madden CPC/CTS
Harbor Legal Search LLC

"The two biggest benefits I have received since joining NAPS are the access to NAPS legal counsel and the relationships I have formed. The number of people who are only a phone call away who are willing to discuss any aspect of recruiting or running a firm is priceless in my opinion. I would not have these relationships and resources without being a member of NAPS." 

Aaron Wandtke, CERS
Senior Partner
Executive Staffing Solutions

"As an Executive Search Professional, it makes sense to join the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS), the profession's trade association. NAPS is committed to the Search Profession and it makes sense for those of us who want to invest in our own professional development to be a member. NAPS helps me stay current on industry trends and best practices." 

Stacy Pursell
The Pursell Group LLC and The VET Recruiter ®

"If recruiters took the Groucho Marx route, and refused to belong to any club that would have them for members, they would wake up one day and find: 

1) a new sourcing tool has taken the industry by storm and they don't know a thing about it.
2) the "rebuttals" they heard a generation ago no longer work
3) their legislature just passed a law capping their fees. 

NAPS stays on the front lines of technology, offers a pulpit for new voices and minds, and defends your rights on Capitol Hill…NAPS launched me as a speaker, but my real gratitude, and the reason I am a member, lies in the fact they safeguard my search firm's success." 

Danny Cahill
Hobson Associates

"We've found the NAPS conferences to be the perfect business environment to learn the latest strategies & practices in the field while also recharging our batteries as a team. This chance to network with others with the same goals in mind has resulted in elevating our own production and practices. NAPS helps us RAISE THE BAR! And recruiters LOVE THAT! 

Membership to NAPS is an ABSOLUTE MUST in the RECRUITER'S hierarchy of needs!" 

Glenna Cose Brin, CPC
AllianceStaff LLC

"NAPS is the premier recruiting association in the U.S. It has a rich history and a great brand. NAPS conferences and events bring together the industry's smartest professionals who are willing to share how they've become successful. I will always be thankful to NAPS for being the first to give me a national stage for my recruiting training. As top recruiters know, "If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and imitate them." The NAPS network gives you this opportunity." 

Mike Ramer, CPC, CSP
Ramer Search Consultants, Inc. 

"Since I started working in the recruiting business in 1994 and coming from another country, I felt the need to educate myself in the US Search and staffing industry. I have found NAPS to be an endless source of information to learn new ways of conducting business, to benchmark with fellow colleagues and to get exposed to the industry's best trainers and practitioners. As a result, I transformed myself from an average recruiter into a big biller and became a member of the Pinnacle Society. 

If you are serious about taking your recruiting game to the next level you have to invest in yourself. Education, training and putting into practice what you have learned are important keys to differentiate yourself in this highly competitive industry. 

If you think that joining NAPS will COST you money, just imagine all the money you are losing not being part of NAPS." 

Fernando Espinosa, CPC, CDR, CAC
Senior Partner & Founder
Top Notch Finders, Inc.

"Belonging to NAPS has aided both me and my company in more ways that can be counted. From access to some of the top trainers in our profession today through Next Level Exchange, to access to the NAPS legal counsel, the annual conference but most importantly, the opportunity to rub shoulders with excellence. This causes me to "up my game" and stay on par with recruiters who care about their profession." 

Mark Carlson
Senior Vice President
The Suburban Group, Inc. 

"I have been a member of NAPS for a few years now and NAPS has proven to be one of the best avenues for continuing education! I look forward to the conference every year and I always walk away wondering why I had never thought of that before!" 

Casie Luke
Executive Recruiting Manager
Queststar Consulting Group

"I continue to find NAPS to be an invaluable resource for my business. Whether it be the exposure to talented industry colleagues & speakers at conference, credentialing to safeguard our business or legislative updates to stay ahead of the curve, NAPS offers a wide array of tools to enhance how we operate. Its new alliance with Next Level Recruiter Exchange is another example of how NAPS strives to stay relevant in today's market. Thank you NAPS!" 

Jamie Schwartz
President & Chief Operating Officer
Haley Stuart Group 

"I belong to NAPS for several reasons but among the most important are:

• The Members. To meet and learn from people who are experiencing (or have experienced) some of the same issues that I'm dealing with in the industry. The members' willingness to share ideas and solutions has been fantastic.
• Regulatory Issues. To have an association that is looking out for my best interest from a regulatory and legislative standpoint is very important.
• Certification. Having made the decision to be certified allows me to signal to my peers and more importantly my clients, that I am committed to my profession."

D. Mark Barnhart, CPC, CERS
TouchPoint Recruiting Group

"There are so many great benefits to being a NAPS member. The annual conference is a showcase of top industry speakers every year, the networking and information-sharing with other members is invaluable, and the Next Level Exchange partnership provides tremendous value to my organization. For me, being a member of NAPS is an easy and wise decision." 

Tom Erb
Tallann Resources

"I was part of a large franchised Recruiting organization for many years prior to opening CareerLink Network. Participating in regional and national meetings with educational programs and team building sessions was something I took for granted. I have lots of Recruiter split partners and lifelong friends within the industry but now that I am on my own I found that I was missing the meetings and the camaraderie from fellow recruiters. That being said, when I was approached by a Recruiter that is a member of NAPS who recommended I check out the organization I did and joined immediately! 

The first meeting I attended with NAPS was held in Orlando. Not knowing what to expect, my hope was that it would be close to my past franchise meeting experiences. Well Surprise, I WAS BLOWN AWAY! 

The meeting content was strong offering something for my Rookies and sessions for an old timer like me facing new difficulties on a daily basis. I actually found the meeting content to be better than my past franchised organization meetings experience that I had attended for so many years! No matter the level of experience you have in the industry there is always something new to learn or an idea that can translate to making more placements. I now make the NAPS conference part of our annual training budget and awards incentive trip for my office. 

David Adams
CareerLink Network

""It's lonely at the top" is a feeling I felt regularly as a new business owner. I didn't realize how much I didn't know about owning a business until I was in the trenches looking for solutions and answers. Being a member of NAPS for the last several years has provided many benefits for me and my staff, including conference, training and certification. However, I believe one of the most valuable benefits I received by being a member of NAPS was HELP by my peers. Getting the opportunity to ask successful business owners what they did and are doing that contributed/contributes to their success was invaluable. Additionally, the opportunity to get to know my peers and call them my friends is a BONUS!" 

Sheila Crawford, CPC, CTS
Executive Vice President
Staffing Connection Inc.

"NAPS has always been my 'Toolbar' to the best resources and education for recruiting professionals." 

Robert Krzak CPC, CERS
Gecko Hospitality

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