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NAPS Accreditation Firm Program (NAF)
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What is NAPS NAF accreditation?

The NAPS Accredited Firm designation (NAF), also known as the Robert P. Style Accredited Firm Program after the long-tenured NAPS legal counsel and employment law expert, sends a signal to candidates, clients and the general public that the firm is one committed to the highest professional and business standards set by the industry, including the following:

  • Commitment to Certification
  • Commitment to Education
  • Commitment to the Profession
  • Commitment to the Free Enterprise System
  • Commitment to Community Service

In a day when the consuming public is becoming increasingly conscious of the importance of professional, ethical and business standards, NAPS is proud to be a pioneer in setting the bar high for the search and staffing industry.

What search and staffing firms have achieved the coveted NAF designation:

Currently, the following firms are recognized as having met the NAPS standards for firm accreditation:



1. In order to be eligible to become a NAPS Robert P. Style Firm Accredited Firm ("NAF"), a firm must be primarily engaged in the placement or staffing business.

2. The term "Qualifying Employee," as used in these rules, means any employee who, as of the anniversary date of the firm's application for NAF status, has been employed to perform placement, staffing or recruiting functions for at least one year. The term "Additional Employee" means any employee who has been employed for less than one year, a former employee who was employed between the application date and anniversary date, or an employee who does not perform placement, staffing or recruiting functions (for example, administrative assistants or accounting department personnel). In order to determine a firm's quota in connection with any of its obligations, only the number of Qualifying Employees will be used. However, in meeting that quota, a firm may include the accomplishments of Additional Employees. For example, if a firm has 12 Qualifying Employees and 4 Additional Employees, it will be required to have 6 persons (50% of Qualifying Employees) who hold the CPC or CTS designation. Any Additional Employee who is certified will count toward the quota of 6.

3. A firm applying for the NAF designation must pledge to demonstrate the following commitments by the anniversary date of its application:

a. Commitment to Certification - A number of employees equal to at least 50% of Qualifying Employees must hold the CPC or CTS designation

b. Commitment to Education
i. The firm must achieve a total of 10 Contact Hours times the number of Qualifying Employees. A "Contact Hour" can be earned in the same manner as Continuing Education Units are earned for the NAPS certification program - by attending association education programs, attending training classes, inside or outside the office, taking post-secondary courses relevant to staffing or recruiting, professional reading or such other activities as might be approved by NAPS; and.
ii. The firm must achieve a total of 5 hours times the number of Qualifying Employees in attendance at local, regional, state or NAPS educational programs. Hours of attendance at such programs can also be counted as Contact Hours.

c. Commitment to the Profession
i. The firm must be a member, as a firm, of NAPS, or any regional, state or local association of staffing or recruiting firms; and
ii. At least one employee of the firm must have served as an officer, director or committee member of any such association during the past two years, delivered a presentation at any such association's educational function or written an article for any industry publication.

d. Commitment to the Free Enterprise System - the firm or an owner must be a member of an organization (such as a Chamber of Commerce or National Federation of Independent Businesses) which has among its purposes the advancement or protection of the free enterprise system.

e. Commitment to the Community -50% of Qualifying Employees must have actively participated in community service. Examples of such participation are walks in support of AIDS or breast cancer research, service in feeding the indigent or homeless and service on behalf of scouting organizations. Purely financial contributions do not qualify.

4. Firms seeking the NAF designation shall submit an application on a form prepared by NAPS. The application shall be accompanied by the application fee then in effect - currently $1,500 for NAPS firm members or offices of corporate members ($2,500 for non-members).

5. A firm shall hold the NAF designation for a period of one year from the date of its application (the "anniversary date"). Upon the anniversary date, a firm which is eligible to renew under these Rules may submit a renewal application, to be accompanied by the renewal fee then in effect - currently $750 for NAPS firm members or offices of corporate members ($1,250 for non - members).

6 In order to be eligible for renewal, an NAF must have met all of its commitments as of the anniversary date. The NAF must submit a compliance report as of the anniversary date on forms provided by NAPS for that purpose.

7. Any firm which fails to meet all of its commitments by the anniversary date shall immediately relinquish the NAF designation, and shall not be permitted to apply for accreditation for two years. Any NAF which is found, after a complaint and the due process procedures contained in the NAPS bylaws for violations of its Code of Ethics, to have violated the NAPS Code of Ethics may, at the discretion of NAPS, be required to immediately relinquish the NAF designation.

8. Any NAF may refer to itself as an "Accredited Recruiting Firm" or "NAF" and promote and publicize its accreditation in any manner which is not misleading.

9. Upon the initial achievement of the NAF designation, and any renewal, NAPS shall send announcements of the achievement to up to 50 clients or potential clients selected by the NAF, and shall send press releases to 5 newspapers or other publications selected by the NAF.

10. NAPS shall publish on its web site a list of all NAFs, as well as a link to the web site of each NAF, if requested by the NAF.

11. NAPS may develop such additional materials promoting those who hold the NAF designation as it may determine from time to time.

12. NAPS may, in its discretion, take reasonable steps to verify the information presented by the NAF on its Compliance Report, and the NAF shall cooperate with NAPS in that endeavor.






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