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2018 Conference Sessions

Sean P. Rigsby, CPC

Stop Doing the Desk Dance and Get S#*! Done
Many of us often wonder why some recruiters are more successful than others, especially when we feel like we are putting in hours of effort day after day. What many may not know is that the difference between good recruiters and outstanding recruiters can be as simple as refining a few small daily practices. In this session, Sean Rigsby will share what techniques have helped him to achieve success in his 25 year career, most significantly how to save time and make the job more fluid. Another words, how to "stop doing the desk dance and get s#*! done." Sean will show attendees how to implement these practices and why they will set you on the path to bill your best year yet. 

Session Takeaway(s)

1. Proven best daily practices from a 25 year professional.

2. Methods to quit wasting time.

3. How to streamline your process.


Mark Thibodeau

What Clients Want to Hear
In order to win business, a prospective client must have confidence in your ability to solve their problem. The client wants to be confident that they are making the right decision, by choosing you and your firm. They want to hear, step by step, exactly how it is you are going to be successful in helping them. In this session, you will learn how to put together a client sales presentation deck, that will instill confidence and will place you head and shoulders above your competition. You will walk away with a framework to customize your own powerpoint presentation for existing and prospective client companies.

Session Takeaway(s)

1. How to create a customized sales presentation to win new business, and how to effectively sell your process.

Barbara Bruno
Why Should I Do Business With You, or Send You My Resume?

One of the greatest complaints I hear from hiring authorities and candidates is that we all say we’re “better or different than our competition”, but when we’re asked how… we all say the same things. Whether you are a rookie or seasoned professional, there are Best Practices you can easily implement that will make you stand out with clients and candidates. Bottom line – you will place more candidates in jobs and increase your income!

Session Takeaway(s)

1. Best Practices – Clients

2. Best Practices – Candidates
3. Why someone should REALLY do business with you!

Brad Bialy

The Road Map: A Step by Step Guide to Recruiting on Social Media
Everybody loves a road trip. But, can you imagine leaving home without a GPS? When it comes to social media in the staffing industry, a lot of companies are either afraid to leave home…or wandering aimlessly.

In this presentation, you will learn:
- How to define SMART social media goals
- How to conceptualize the right strategy for today’s social landscape
- How to determine the right social platforms and tactics to use based on your goals
- Where to focus your time and energy to maximize results

Session Takeaway(s)

Throughout this session, you will learn how to define SMART social media goals, conceptualize the right strategy, and outline the tactics needed to generate more applications from qualified candidates.

Stephanie Maas
Recruiting and Managing the New Workforce

Would you believe that by 2020, the Millennial generation will make up over half of today's workforce? With all the negative news about

this generation, it has made it difficult for recruiters and more importantly, our clients to embrace this next generation of worker. In addition, this new and different generation walks a different walk, talks a different talk and they are causing quite the workplace upheaval. Partner that with the previous largest generation (baby boomers) retiring by the 1000s daily, it present us, the recruiter, with some unique challenges. With this session, you will gain insight into each of the different generations, why they are the way they are and how to add value to your clients to get them to understand how they can all work together.

Session Takeaway(s)

Understanding each of the 3 generations in the workplace and why they are the way they are...the unique challenges they bring to the recruiting world and understand how to work each each generation...both as candidates and clients...ultimately how to bill more a generation decoder ring. You won't have to eat crappy cereal for a month to get the clues...just come to the session and get the translator ring and be on your way to working with each generation more successfully than you ever have in the past!

Amy Bingham

The Secret Sauce: How the Pros Do Contract Staffing

High-performance staffing firms enjoy 8 times more revenue and 16% higher gross margins than their peers. Their sales teams sell 35%

more business and their recruiter spreads are 14% higher. How do these companies outperform their competitors? Attend this session

to understand the non-negotiable operating practices these firms follow produce consistent above-market results.

Session Takeaway(s)
Understand and implement the best practice behaviors of high-performing staffing firms to position your company for above-market growth.

Kathleen Kurke

Busy v Productive: Two Sides of a Coin

Being Busy and Looking Busy are very different from being Productive. Which are you? Can you be honest enough with yourself to tell the difference? We’ll review the many activities in our business that can mask as “busy” without being productive and share a process

for keeping your attention and efforts on the areas that are most productive. This is a great session for individual producers and billing managers struggling with more to do than available time in the day. This is a great session to take back and share with your team.

Session Takeaway(s)

1. Self Assessment for Diagnosing Busy v Productive

2. Tools for identifying high priority and productive activities

3. Best Practices for working smarter and not just harder

Kelly Merbler

Secrets of a Sales Warrior

Selling requires you to be intentional in everything you do. We must constantly be aware of the customer expectations on the other side of the sales cycle while remaining aware of how you are connecting with that buyer. Successful sales professionals know how to ask great questions to achieve maximum success in this process. In this interactive sales session, you will learn the secrets of a top sales professional who spent 20+ years in a high producer role. This will include key steps in developing sales teams who produce profitable results on consistent basis. Those sellers who can build and execute a strategy to win sales opportunities of all sizes—from the everyday to the most important—consistently win more sales. I will introduce steps that you can implement which will allow individuals or teams to develop long lasting client relationships. You will learn my comprehensive, systematic, and repeatable process for creating winning sales strategies. Unlock your potential and get the sales results you want to impact your business and your community.

Session Takeaway(s)

In this session you will learn practical and proven tactics to improve your sales results and develop lifetime relationships with your clients.

Karen Schmidt

Lies We Tell Ourselves

Most would agree that the things worth having and achieving in life do not come easy. When the going gets tough, we have a tendency to rationalize why we are not succeeding in our pursuits:

“I don’t have enough time.”

“It just wasn’t in the cards.”

“I decided it wasn’t really what I wanted.”

“It is not the right time, I will pursue when I have more balance.”

As leaders, we are not immune to this rationalization - the use of feeble but seemingly plausible arguments either to justify something that is difficult to accept or to make it seem ‘not so bad after all'. We all know that it is easier to blame external factors instead of blaming yourself, and this habit can be one of the toughest to break, but is a true necessity for a high level of self-awareness. Join us as we discuss the top lies that leaders and managers tell themselves, and what you can do with each lie to break through to results, not excuses!

Session Takeaway(s)

How managers and leaders can break through to results, not excuses!

Tony Sorensen

How to Use Digital Marketing to Enhance Your Credibility & Get New Clients and Candidates Calling You

Buyers are becoming harder to reach with traditional outbound marketing efforts. Old school marketing like cold calling and radio advertisements rely on client and candidate responses. Put the ball in your court. Digital marketing techniques allow recruiting companies to build a stronger brand online that attracts, engages, and retains customers. In this session, learn how to get found by potential clients and candidates. Learn how to build credibility for your recruiters. Learn how to get more leads, bigger fees, and attract A players to your company. Learn how one recruiting firm went from $0-10M in four years by using SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing. Digital marketing is growing in the recruiting industry…are you taking advantage of it or getting left behind?

Session Takeaway(s)

1. Learn how to attract qualified clients and candidates to your website

2. Learn how to create content marketing to become more credible online

3. Learn how one recruiting firm went from $0-10M in four years from digital marketing

Michelle Gomez & Josh Kirkpatrick

The Independent Worker” Proposal: Finding a Middle Ground Between Employee and Independent Contractor

Rapid technological development and the changing nature of work are straining the capacity of traditional employment and independent contractual relationships. The rise of the "gig” or “on-demand” economy offers former "employees" the opportunity to decide for themselves how to structure their personal lives in relation to income-generating activity. As these workers leave traditional employment behind, however, courts and legislatures are being asked to resolve disputes over the loss of legally mandated protections and benefits associated with employee status. Recently, policy experts have proposed a "third way," a new legal category called "the independent worker" for those who occupy this gray area between employees and independent contractors. These workers would qualify for many, but not all, of the benefits associated with employee status. Our speakers will discuss the outlines and merits of this concept as a means to accommodate the future of relationships at work, as well as cover current issues involving independent contractors and best practices.

Session Takeaway(s)

1. Benefits of “the independent worker” and what it means to accommodate the future of relationships at work

2. Independent contractors and best practices

Michelle Gomez & Josh Kirkpatrick

Employment Law Update

This fast-paced, entertaining session provides a unique opportunity to understand the latest court cases, legislative and regulatory activity, and crucial developments that will affect your workplace and responsibilities this year as we continue navigating through the changing times of the current administration. Throughout this presentation, Josh and Michelle will guide you through the maze of new developments and prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Session Takeaway(s)

Updating Key Business Practices to Comply with changes in the legal landscape in 2018

Diane Geller

Cover Your Assets: Legal Risk Management Considerations for Staffing Companies

All businesses face risk, but companies operating in the staffing industry are in a league all their own when it comes to the host of unique risks and exposures they are forced to contend with. Mismanaging such risk is one thing, but navigating the ever-complex web of highly priced workers’ compensation insurance, contract/agreement demands and costly lawsuits creates a never-ending headache for staffing

professionals. Diane will discuss how taking a proactive approach that employs best practices can help staffing professionals reduce risk

and exposures to a much more manageable level.

Session Takeaway(s)

Attendees will learn best practices for identifying and mitigating risk through such mechanisms as:

1. Implementing sound agreements with vendors, customers and employees

2. What to consider when working with independent contractors

3. The impact of the classification of exempt vs non-exempt employees

Mark Wolf

Survey Says! Four Ways to Engage Candidates

As we look forward to 2019, all indicators point toward a continued candidate-dominated market. For most recruiters, influencing the top candidates is a major hurdle in accomplishing production goals. By surveying over 4500 candidates, Mark and his firm was able to identify key drivers for candidates to become engaged.

Session Takeaway(s)

In this session, Mark will present his findings, and you will learn key talking points, principles of influence and the importance of aligning your candidate and job order process.

Greg Doersching

The Greatest Showman - Being Ringmaster in a 3-ring Circus

The lights, the action, the noise, the distractions, the questions -This is your life when you lead the 3-ring Circus called a Recruiting Firm. Well how to you turn that ciaos into process, purpose and production?! That is exactly what Greg Doersching is going to share with you in the session. Join him as he shares with you specific tactics to get more Client respect and responsiveness.that leads to better control, more repeat business and ultimately more money. If your leading 2 or 20 it doesn't matter this is a session you don't want to miss.

Session Takeaway(s)

How to show our clients whats happening behind the scenes and remove the idea that all they're paying for is a resume.

Andrea Tajgiszer

I Want to Hire... Now What???

You are an expert at hiring for your industry, but when it comes to hiring for your own firm, that can be a challenge! In this session we will discuss how to source for recruiters, interviewing ideas, hiring process, profiles, and most importantly, onboarding and creating a plan for the first 90 days. The first 90 days is critical to launching your new person and receiving the best return on your investment so you can start all over again and hire the next one!

Session Takeaway(s)

1. Sourcing

2. Interviewing & Profiles

3. On-boarding Plan

Todd Bossler

Sourcing Power Tools You Should Know About

Your success as a recruiter depends on being able to get your hands on the right candidates and contacts. The sourcing landscape is constantly changing and trying to keep up with the latest tools and strategies is not easy. Todd will highlight a few tools of the "sourcing trade."

Session Takeaway(s)

A couple of quick tools to help source candidates and contacts.

Amy West

Top 10 Reasons to Place Contract & Temporary Workers

When a client calls with a contract or temp-to-perm request, you have two options: 1) Meet the client’s need or 2) Send the client to your competition, who is prepared to swoop in and help your client. This session will count down the TOP TEN reasons to be ready to meet clients’ contract, temp and SOW needs, plus tips on how to actually employ temporary workers.

Session Takeaway(s)

Top 10 reasons to offer your clients solutions that will meet their demands, increase your revenue, improve your valuation and diversify your offerings all WITHOUT changing your business model or core competencies.

Jonathan Bartos

How the World’s Top Billers – Bill Significantly More and Work Significantly Less. And you can too!

An Introduction to the Quantum Leap Theorems

In every profession, sport or organization the elite 1% produce from 10 - 35x more than that of the average. It holds true if you’re a Recruiter, Recruiting Owner, Sales Person, CEO, Manager, Engineer, Recruiter, Professional Sports Athlete, Entrepreneur, Chemist, Doctor, Teacher as well as President of the United States. The individuals who master their professions Quantum Leap Theorems (QLT's) can get by doing less work and seeing 10- 35 X the performance success than the average. In this industry disruptive session, Jon will take you through the 5 Recruiting and Staffing Industries Quantum Leap Theorems which will allow you to increase your billings by 2 - 35x without working any harder.

Session Takeaway(s)

A complete understanding of the principles of Critical Mass, Incremental Increase and Quantum Leap Theorems and how to implement them the day you leave!!

Aaron Wandtke

The Top 5 Things Recruiters Have Forgotten or Continue to Ignore

Remember what it was like your first day? Remember the first person you interviewed? What about the first person you placed in a job? What has changed since then? We will dive into the positive and negative changes recruiters have made over the last couple years. We will also do some self-analysis to identify areas where recruiters have strayed. The goal of this session is to get recruiters on track and reengaged.

Session Takeaway(s)

1. What are the new noises?

2. How are my listening skills impacting my desk?

3 .What assumptions am I making every day?

4. Am I branding myself correctly?

5. How am I using data to manage clients and my desk?

Carol Wenom

The Seven(ish) Habits of Highly Successful Recruiters

After over 30 years in search and over 10 years in the Pinnacle Society (most recently as President), Carol has had the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the best producers in the business. While "success" is rather subjective (each person defines success differently) in this session Carol will share with you some of the attributes that Big Billers have in common that seem to be strong predictors of their success.

Session Takeaway(s)

Habits that you should develop (or improve) that will put you on the path to your maximum production.

Jordan Rayboy, CPC, CERS
CANI (Constant And Neverending Improvement) - A Field Experiment To Take Your BD Skills To A Whole New Level
Whether a rookie in this business or a seasoned vet, we all have room for improvement. The old cliche that either you are growing or dying still holds true. With the evolution of our industry, if you keep doing the same things you've always done, you won't necessarily get the same results- you will get less! One challenge though is that with so much training out there, and so many different strategies available, where should you start? 

In this session, Jordan Rayboy will be doing a 6 month field test, watching a training video every week focused on Client-side Business Development, implementing the specific strategies learned, measuring the actions and results, and gleaming insights from what truly works and doesn't. Want to take your BD skills to the next level, but don't have the time or discipline to do this yourself? Jump on the bus with Jordan to learn from dozens of the best trainers and big billers in our industry all condensed into one single training session.

Session Takeaway(s)

Your level of success will never exceed your level of personal & professional development. Never stop learning, and keep changing your approach until you find one (or several) that work for you.

Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault
Minimizing Turn Downs and Counter Offers

This session focuses on minimizing turn downs and counter offers. In short, your candidates sometimes turn down the job, or accept a counter offer. Both kill your deal. At best, you have to rush to find another viable candidate. At worst, someone else's second best candidate steps in and they get the deal. Here's the prep we do with a candidate to virtually eliminate the risk of both.

Session Takeaway(s)

Closing more deals, because you aren't heading back to the drawing board. Stop losing to a competitor.


November 4 - 6, 2018
8:00 - 5:00pm MST


Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa
5001 Coconut Road
Bonita Springs, FL 34134
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Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa

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