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2020 Conference Sessions

Stay tuned! We'll add our 2020 session descriptions here. See below to view our 2019 conference sessions.

2019 Conference Sessions

Bruce Tulgan, Keynote Speaker
Winning the Talent Wars: Build a Winning Culture of Attraction, High-Performance, and Retention

The number one issue troubling business leaders today is the increasing difficulty of recruiting, motivating, and retaining the best talent. There are talent shortages at every level, in every industry, and it’s tough to keep people when constant change and uncertainty are the new normal. Employers have two options: Enter a bidding war for the best employees, or build the kind of culture that will make the top talent want to come work in their organization and stay longer In a presentation that can be customized for every industry, Bruce lays out the challenges, causes, and costs of today’s talent wars, then reveals the elements of a winning culture and how to get there.

Session Takeaways:
1. Understanding the challenges, causes, and costs of today’s talent wars
2. Dream job factors that employers can leverage to attract and retain the best employees
3. Developing a hiring process that attracts more of the talent you need
4. Improving onboarding to reduce turnover among new hires
5. Turning every employee in your organization into a knowledge worker

Bob Marshall
The Total Account Executive - How to Find, Hire, Train & Retain Them
For as long as I have been in the recruitment business one of the most asked questions revolves around how to identify potential ‘big billers’ when we first meet them as talented but unpolished gems. What do they look like? What do they sound like? What traits do they have that will serve them well as recruiters? And what traits do they have that will cause them to fail? —a big concern since we plan to put so much time and energy into their development. In this presentation, we will discuss how to locate them, develop them and keep them.

Session Takeaways:
1. Vectoring in on the ‘ideal’ AE profile by illuminating the qualities they possess.
2. How to best on-board this potential superstar.
3. Training on how to acquire, and keep, the 'right attitude'.
4. Retaining these Total Account Executives by implementing the techniques of the 'zero turnover' big biller managers.

Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault
The Unethical Recruiter

It’s no secret that many people consider recruiters to be in a category with ambulance chasing lawyers and sleazy used car salesman. Learn what you may be doing that is causing candidates and clients to associate you with those malcontents and how to break the cycle. It may not be your fault, but it is your problem. Together we can rise above the mountain of bad recruiters.

Session Takeaways:
Key Takeaway: Learn what recruiters are doing which is viewed as unethical, why they are doing them, and what techniques can replace them for better results.

Diane Geller
The Blue Haze of Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Marijuana has been listed as an illegal Schedule I drug under federal law since the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) was pass by Congress in 1970. However, in recent years, 33 states plus the District of Columbia have passed bills that decriminalize or legalize medical marijuana use. Support for the drug reached new highs in 2017, with polls showing up to 64 percent of Americans favor legalization. When asked specifically about the legalization of medical marijuana, that number grew to 83 percent.

With medical marijuana here to stay, business owners, CEOs and HR professionals are all asking what they need to know to contend with employees who use medical marijuana in states where it is legal. This session will cover how employers should deal with the contradictions between federal and state laws. Can and should companies continue to drug test employees. As well as other laws that come into play when dealing with medical marijuana, including ADA, OSHA, covering safety issues and knowing when employees are impaired and how to deal with these situations.

Session Takeaways:
1. Handle asking employees or candidates to submit a voluntary drug test.
2. What you can and cannot ask candidates about their medical marijuana usage.
3. Industry and regulatory updates

John Ninkovich
Overcoming the Barriers to Growth

As your business continues to grow, you will inevitably arrive at barriers that will challenge the future growth of your business. You are not alone; all businesses will experience these barriers. The key to breaking through is to understand these barriers, where and when they will occur, and grow your organizational capability to continue your rise to the top.

In this 60-minute session, John Ninkovich, EM Advisor and staffing industry veteran, will identify the barriers to growth and provide guidance on how top performing firms continue to grow.

Session Takeaways:
1. What are the Barriers to Growth?
2. What are the strategies and tactics to break through the barriers?
3. What should CEO's, Business Owners, and Executive Teams Focus on?

Todd Bossler
Sourcing Wizardry - Tips for Finding People and Information

A huge portion of your job as an Executive Recruiter revolves around finding people that your client companies either can't find, or don't have time to. Another portion is being able to contact those people once you've identified them. This session will expose a few services,hints, and tricks that help you achieve this.

Session Takeaways:
1. Methods to source additional candidates and/or client contacts.
2. Services for finding contact info for new prospects.
3. Several general productivity "geek shortcuts" to help speed up your computer processes.

Barbara Bruno
Become an Influencer, Here and Now

If I asked someone to describe you, would they use the word “influencer?” Achieving more influence is critical to your success in the Staffing and Recruiting Profession. Your title is not important, often what you say is not important. However, how you make your clients and candidates feel and their perception of you are important.

Learning the art of influence has countless advantages, but gaining influence like any other skill, takes time and effort. During this session, regardless of your level of experience you will increase your ability to positively influence candidates, clients and anyone who has the privilege of interacting with you!

Session Takeaways:
1. Cornerstones to cultivate influence
2. Five approaches to influence your Clients
3. Five approaches to influence your Candidates
4. What it takes to become an online influencer

Brad Bialy
Personal Branding: Your Secret to More Applications and Better Candidates

With national unemployment rate at 4 percent, recruiters need every tool possible at their disposal when sourcing candidates. While digital marketing, direct marketing and advertising from an organizational level are more important than ever, often overlooked is the impact your personal brand on social media can have on a candidate's decision to work with your staffing agency instead of a local or national competitor.

Join Brad Bialy as he discusses Personal Branding: Your Secret to More Applications and Better Candidates.

Session Takeaways:
1. How to define the keys to a successful personal brand
2. The three-step process to personal branding on social media
3. 13 tactics to deploy on social media to generate more applications and source better candidates

Stephanie Maas
No Surprises Recruiting

How often do we as recruiters get frustrated and often infuriated at the end of a search process to lose the deal to a crappy low ball offer or even worse a counter offer?

How would like to know, every single time, that by the time the candidate and client say "yes"'s truly a done deal? In this incredible session, Stephanie will walk through how to work work with candidates AND clients to eliminate "surprise" ending to searches during resignations.

Stephanie will walk you through how to set the stage, eliminate counter offers, and how to get your clients to be a part of this process. In addition, she will teach you to prepare your candidates and clients for anything and how to overcome any objection at the final hour.

Session Takeaways:
1. How to get to the "no" and ultimately the "yes" quicker
2. How to prep candidates/clients for counters offers
3. How to finish every search with "no surprises"

Patricia (Tish) Conlin
Mentally Prepared for Anything-Boost your inner Resilience as a Recruiter

In this high energy action packed key note presentation you will learn how to be boost your resilience to obtain more lasting success as a recruiter. You will learn the keys to building long term resilience to thrive in work and life, review powerful stress busting techniques and easy upgrades to your habits to navigate more successfully through the ups and downs of recruitment. You will learn how to better connect better with clients and candidates using Emotional Intelligence Tools for more placements and be taught easy ways to reach your goals faster. This session will include hand-outs, work-sheets and offer a chance to win a free coaching session or a copy of Patricia’s first book. You will be actively participating is some educational exercises with partners to reinforce training concepts.

Session Takeaways:
1. The 6 keys to Becoming a more Resilient Recruiter for more lasting success
2. Secrets to becoming a becoming a stress management guru and building better habits to thrive at work and in life
3. How to use Emotional Intelligence tools to negotiate and communicate better for more placements-Learn why EI will trump AI any day.

Jayne Latz M.A.,CCC-SLP
Use Your Voice to Impact and Influence Others

Professional speaking skills are essential to all aspects of communication. As one delivers their message it is important that they use the right tone, clarity and delivery, in order for their audience to fully process and embrace the message.

This presentation is designed for business professionals looking to increase their presence, their confidence and their delivery when communicating with clients and prospects and colleagues. By improving the delivery of the spoken message, the listener response is immediate. Attendees will walk away with techniques that immediately engage their listeners and make a positive impact from the very first word.

Session Takeaways:
1. Develop skills to project a voice to match their talent, skill, and expertise
2. Provide increased confidence in daily business communication and presentations
3. Be able to speak and deliver a message in a clear, concise and succinct manner
4. Practical tools and tips that can immediately be applied on a daily basis

Carol Wenom
Are you using your Silver Bullet?

What if I told you that there was one "Silver Bullet" that would allow you to do client development, build client rapport, recruit, close more deals AND make a "killer first impression" all in ONE fairly easy step? Would you even hesitate? Most of you already know it and some even use it, just not to your best advantage! Learn why Reference Checking MUST be one of the most important tools in your toolbox regardless of what type of recruiting practice you have and how to use it to not only grow but EXPLODE your business!

Session Takeaways:
1. Why reference checking is critical to your business
2. How to conduct stellar reference checks
3. How to maximize the value of a reference check call

Neil Lebovits
How to Master the Art of Contracting & Staffing

The steady rise of the contingent workforce brings with it many exciting opportunities for the savvy recruiter to add contract and temporary placements to their traditional direct hire business.

More and more recruiters are recognizing that while your direct hire cash flow can fluctuate, revenue from contract and temporary placements are predictable and consistent. However, many recruiters struggle with how to secure that new kind of business. In this session, expert recruiter trainer, Neil Lebovits, will discuss how to master the art of contract and temporary recruiting, and key steps to filling contingent staffing orders.

Session Takeaways:
1. Why you should offer a contracting solution & how to get started
2. The various funding options available, margin guidelines & calculations you need to know
3. Proven marketing tips for your contractors to increase revenues

Jeremy Sisemore
The Evolution of a Recruiter

Jeremy will take the audience on a journey over 15+ years of how one can evolve from a successful rookie year and evolve their desk and business over time to bill far more, increase efficiency, and experience annual growth to prevent burnout and truly navigate a longterm career. We'll explore the evolution from solo-contingency and how one can increase their fees, develop stronger client partnerships, grow a team, transition to retained & engaged models and even add new revenue streams. Jeremy can share from experience, how to develop and execute tactics and strategies that will yield higher billings and keep your career growth on track, thus preventing burn-out.

Session Takeaways:
1. Every year we should evolve so that we generate more revenue with less effort.
2. Concepts that help us evolve and bill more: Increasing Average Fee - Negotiating Exclusivity or Engagement Fees - Structuring your client relationships better and Growing a Rainmaker Team Model.
3. Learning specifics about how your desk should evolve and how we must grow over a 5, 10, 15-year career to prevent burnout.

Carletta Clyatt
The Working Dead - Keeping Your Team Alive and Engaged

Has the energy level in your office dropped so low you feel like you’re walking through a post-apocalyptic zombie landscape? Has the camaraderie and banter that once filled the halls disappeared? Is this a good thing? Less chatting, more working, productivity must be soaring. Only, it isn’t!

Unfortunately, many managers consider employee engagement initiatives to be a waste of energy. This kind of thinking leads to two undesirable outcomes. First, your office becomes zombiefied. Your employees feel mild interest in doing satisfactory work. Second, your A-players get bored and start looking for a more vibrant workplace; one that actually cares about employee development, engagement and motivation.

Session Takeaways:
1. Causes of employee disengagement and how to avoid these pitfalls
2. How internal motivators impact employee engagement
3. How to engage and motivate your employees
4. How to recognize and overcome actions that can destroy engagement

Tom Erb
Maximize your recruiting efforts through candidate engagement

Most staffing firms are so focused on recruiting new candidates that they overlook and discount the value of their existing database. But as the talent pool continues to shrink, it is more important than ever that we maximize the recruiting efforts we've already put forth. In this session, we'll talk about how to get the greatest ROI on your recruiting through candidate engagement, employee redeployment, and other areas.

Session Takeaways:
1. Learn how to create candidate engagement programs that are repeatable and yield results
2. Ways to increase your redeployment rates
3. Different options for leveraging technology in your engagement and redeployment efforts.

Rob Mosley
Negotiating Tactics and Demands

This program is about maintaining our value proposition by elevating the client’s and candidate’s perception of us and our services. It is about a type of negotiation, but not just about the contractual part of the process. Selling is negotiating…negotiating is selling… Therefore, we are always negotiating as we also seek to elevate our relationships.... So goes the relationship, so goes the negotiation, so goes the sale.

This powerful interactive session provides us with the skills and techniques to build and apply power to influence how people; clients, candidates, and even friends and family see us.

Why is this skill so critical?...If you fail to differentiate in your approach, you will always be forced to differentiate by your price.

Session Takeaways:
1. Negotiation prep tool that can be integrated in to your CRM
2. The Trigon: A more objective tool to analyze how your clients and candidates see you
3. The Framework for Negotiation to effectively negotiate and communicate to align needs

Jon Davis
Data, Decisions and Dollars - Territory Techniques for Growth

In this interactive session participants will gain strategies and techniques analyze their business. Jon will share a time tested and proven territory plan that is simple to employ for owners, managers and sales reps on a consistent basis. By focusing on key data points for each customer, you will learn how to evaluate each client and their opportunity for growth while seeking a balanced portfolio to ensure growth and hedge risk. By using a Total Client Ownership, (TCO) strategy participants will better understand where their business and be equipped to better capitalize on future opportunities with each customer.

Session Takeaways:
1. Not all customers are created equal. Use data to better analyze opportunities and risk.
2. Data is powerful when used with your sales team and customer to drive better behaviors.
3. Develop a process to better convert more business and waste less effort.

Michelle Gomez
Non-Competes and Trade Secret Protection: A Guide to Safeguarding Your Company’s Business

As employee mobility and industry competitiveness continually increase, employers looking for ways to protect themselves against unfair competition face an increasingly litigious environment. In light of recent litigation, most employers will need to re-evaluate their non-compete and trade secret policies and most will need to revise those policies in light of these potentially game-changing developments in the law. This program will analyze new legal developments, related litigation strategies, and practical preventative measures that you can use to prevent your company's greatest assets—its key relationships, goodwill, and trade secrets—from becoming the greatest assets of the competition.

Session Takeaways:
1. Guarantee protection of your key relationships, goodwill, and trade secrets
2. Determining when non-competes are necessary
3. How to make a non-compete enforceable and safeguard against the traps that can make them non-enforceable

Michelle Gomez
The Pay Equity Wave Continues

This session will review the current national pay equity terrain, while highlighting measures that require equal pay, ensure wage transparency and restrict salary history inquiries. We will also explain employer compliance measures such as modifying policies, revising applications, changing verification of employment processes, training employees and conducting audits of current pay practices.

Session Takeaways:
1. Dos and don’ts regarding salary history inquiries
2. Learn the pay equity laws in the jurisdictions in which you work
3. Ensure your interview/application/pay policies and practices are up to date

Greg Doersching
Negotiating Is A System Not An Art

Negotiating Fees and Compensation are integral parts of the recruiting process, yet, over the year’s negotiation has been turned into and art form. Well it’s NOT! Negotiating is a carefully prepared system of knowing when, where, and what to ask for. This power packed presentation will walk you through the keys to successful negotiation as a Recruiter or Sales Manager. You will learn how to negotiate fees with clients establishing the fee structure you want to work with. How to structure replacement policies that combine strong value-add to your clients and a beneficial policy for the agency. Discover how long-term contracts can be established early to guarantee you repeat clients. Additionally, learn to negotiate compensation packages for your candidates that guarantee acceptance and how do to it successfully time and time again. By the end of the session attendees will be able to:

Session Takeaways:
1. Negotiate much higher fee structures that could include up-front money for each assignment.
2. Structure new age replacement policies that favor the agency while offering a value-added proposition to the client.
3. Establish long term repeat contracts with clients.

Greg Doersching
The Psychology of Closing

Every owner/manager that has ever existed is always talking about “remember your ABC’s – you’ve got to ALWAYS BE CLOSING”. It sounds great – but what does it mean. What am I supposed to say? When am I supposed to say it? What are candidates thinking about? Did we talk about money the right way? What about counteroffers? There are all these moving parts that are constantly pushing and pulling against one another as we try to bring a candidate and client together. Your ability to understand exactly what your candidates and clients are thinking about and how to use that in your favor is one of the most critical parts of any recruiting process. Well that’s the part Greg Doersching is going to help you master in this session. You will learn how to:

Session Takeaways:
1. Determine which candidates want to be closed.
2. How to talk about money in a frank and practical way.
3. How to make sure you get the compensation packages your candidates need and your clients are comfortable offering.


September 13 - 15, 2020
8:00 - 5:00pm MST


Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa
2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy.
Henderson, Nevada 89052
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