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2021 Conference Sessions

Jeremy Sisemore
A Fresh and Unique Approach to Metrics That Really Matter

Jeremy is a billing manager, in a rainmaker model, and a member of The Pinnacle Society. He'll be sharing with you how he measurers his team, predicts success and failure, prevents slow periods and limits the valleys in his business. We'll explore how search firms used metrics in the 90's, 2000's, and how things have evolved regarding metrics that really matter in 2020.

Session Takeaways:
1. Embracing key metrics to better predict success is a good thing!
2. The old metrics aren't the ones we need to focus on in 2020
3. How can we implement an easier system of metrics tracking and accountability that actually works

Klyn ElsbjuryKlyn Elsbjury
Neuroscience Is The New Competitive Advantage - How It Works And Why It's Crucial

All too often when sales teams are stuck, leadership throws new education and tactics on top of them without addressing the underlying issue. All "stuck states" come from the inability to correctly internalize an event. This is why some people view change positively, others view it as a threat. By rewiring our brains to be receptive to the paradox of potential, we can immediately untap a different level of energy, to be more productive and enjoy our lives more.

Your team doesn't need a peptalk, it needs a process. Hope is not a strategy. Leverage these teaching, rooted in neuro-associative techniques, to get your team back on track.

Klyn's popular presentation is insightful, powerful, and will shift the perspective of how sales teams can get out of their own way and sell more.

Session Takeaways:
1. Knowledge of how to apply models for change
2. Lasting, life altering perspective shifts individually, on their teams, and in the organization as a whole
3. The ultimate solution for ending excuses of poor performance for once and all

Rob Mosley
The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has been defined as “the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different emotions, and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.”

This program is designed to equip you with tools and trust-based behaviors to drive a greater awareness of yourself and of others on your team. Why is this program so essential? 92% of all business failures are EQ based.

The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence takes you on a journey to a clearer understanding of how you and your team become more unified by being more emotionally aware. The results are increased buy-in from team members, greater accountability, and a deeper understanding of not just important work – but important people doing important work. Moreover, these attributes of Emotional Intelligence will enable you to better influence others who do not directly report to you including clients and candidates.

Session Takeaways:
1. Set the Right Tone for Respectful Critical Conversations
2. Explore Your Over Extended Behaviors and How they Might Limit You.
3. Learn how to Recognize Blind Spots in Judgment that effect critical decisions.

John Klymshyn
Moving Conversations Forward: Selling in The 21st Century

John Klymshyn trademarked the phrase: “Moving Conversations Forward™ after developing and perfecting a Three Step Process to sales, relationship management and conversation that has been hailed as “human”, “respectful and firm”, and “innovative” by students and clients alike. Spend a session with John learning this powerful, subtle, and effective technique. The importance of, and skill required to connect with people over the phone (or face to face) is outlined with wit, humor, and a finger placed firmly on the pulse of your audience. We all want things to move forward, but our reluctance, or lack of skill prevent us from achieving all that we are capable of. Firmly rooted in human dynamics, this presentation leaves audiences with a specific answer to several questions:
1) How do I move the people, processes, and relationships I am managing to the next logical step?
2) What are the commonsense approaches that all people respond to?
3) How do I create a frictionless buying experience??

Session Takeaways:
1. How to connect on a human level
2. What it means to MOVE a conversation FORWARD
3. How To Sell from a position of Power

Laura Mathis
Communicating With Impact

From structuring your message with an effective framework to honing your verbal and non-verbal delivery, today's leaders are expected to communicate with impact, both in person and virtually via email, video conferences, and media platforms. Learn how to be concise, persuasive and listener-focused with this executive session on mastering communication.

Session Takeaways:
1. Learn how to structure your thoughts on the spot
2. Develop verbal and non-verbal confidence
3. Adapt your content to the listener for maximum impact

Leiza Dolghih
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Non-Compete Agreements

In the last several years, various states have drastically amended their non-compete laws, and currently there is a push at the federal level to ban non-compete agreements entirely or limit thier use only to exempt employees. Since an estimated 30 million of employees are subject to non-compete agreements, their placements may raise certain challenged.

During the presentation I will discuss the recent changes in the law, and then address practical questions that many recruiters face when dealing with employees who are subject to non-competes, such as: are non-compete agreements enforceable? what is considered a “reasonable” restriction?what can employers do to avoid getting a cease & desist letter from their new employee’s former employer? can companies hire someone who has a non-compete agreement? what are the consequences of an employee violating his non-compete agreement? and can a former employer contact the new employer and tell them that the employee they just hired has a non-compete agreement?

Session Takeaways:
1. Learn generally the legal landscape related to noncompete agreements
2. Learn how to avoid lawsuits related to non-compete agreements
3. Understand the legal challenges with placing employees subject to non-compete agreements

Wes Lieser
$0 - $2M in 5 years - How Carving out a Niche will Make Business Boom

This session will show you how a farm kid from central Minnesota went from selling NBA tickets, to billing over $2M dollars in under 5 years with no prior recruiting experience. He will outline key talking points for clients, share best practices for candidate intakes, and share scripts he's used that have made referrals the #1 source of new business. Not cold calling, not marketing candidates, inbound referrals.

In this session you'll learn:
1. How to perfect your story in order to win business
2. What are the most important aspects of your niche clients care about
3. How to turn every candidate into a future client

Whether your just starting out, billing $300K and want more, or already billing $600K and want a few tips on how to work smarter, not harder....this session is worth checking out.

Session Takeaways:
1. Your personal story needs to be perfected in order to win business 2. Make sure you know more about your space than anyone, and how to prove it daily. 3. What you need to do in order to turn every candidate into a future client

Michelle DiCuollo and Josh Kirkpatrick
Implicit Bias: You Can’t Live Without It, You Can Live With It!

The evidence is clear: diverse workplaces perform better. However, creating and maintaining diverse and inclusive work environments remains a challenge for many employers. In this diversity summit, panelists and attendees will explore options for dismantling the barriers to creating inclusive environments. We will explore traditional models (e.g., affinity groups, formal mentoring programs, training) and newer, more experimental methods for promoting diversity and inclusion and disrupting bias. And, we will also examine what employers can learn from global efforts to address the D&I challenge.

Session Takeaways:
1. Effective strategies and recommendations for bolstering meaningful inclusion in the workplace
2. Latest information on trends in the “bias interruption” space
3. Leadership guidelines designed to support meaningful and long-term transformations in organizational cultures

Michelle DiCuollo and Josh Kirkpatrick
The Future of Alternative Worker Arrangements: The New Assault on Independent Contractors and Other Worker Relationships

AB5 is California’s latest grand social and economic experiment, fundamentally changing the way many businesses operate in the Golden State. Employers continue to struggle with understanding and complying with the vagaries of the law. Many of the most pressing questions arise in more traditional business relationships/transactions – situations where two businesses work together for a common goal. For example, when a distribution company contracts with drivers to get products to retail outlets, are the drivers employees or independent contractors? If a business holds a public event and retains security professionals (some of whom are offduty police officers) to maintain crowd control, is this a proper independent contractor arrangement? Undoubtedly, attendees will help guide our discussion by providing their own examples of arrangements that might implicate AB5.

As other states look to mimic this California law, it is important for employers to review their contracts to determine whether they must convert their workers’ employment status or change the relationship structure itself to better withstand misclassification challenges.

Session Takeaways:
1. Learn about the range of local legal requirements and limitations
2. Learn about the enforcement trends and compliance risks
3. Receive good practice suggestions to prevent noncompliance liability

Paul Siker
Creating the “Wow!” Factor – Maximizing Candidate & Client Engagement Using Value-Added Employment & Talent Branding Strategies

Every recruiter can appreciate the importance of sharing a client organization’s story in a manner that resonates with candidate prospects. And yet, in today’s hyper-competitive market climate, how often is the actual story that’s assembled and conveyed to candidates as compelling as it could be?

Does information shared with candidates about a client’s mission and distinguishing features sometimes feel threadbare? Do details regarding a client’s specific job opportunities come across as sketchy? Is the process of corelating a client’s employment brand with a candidate’s stated motivators entirely consistent?

In “Creating the “Wow!” Factor” – Maximizing Candidate & Client Engagement Using Value-Added Employment & Talent Branding Strategies,” Paul Siker takes a fresh look at how recruiters can implement thoughtful and replicable approaches to more effectively present every client’s story and employment brand in a manner that will generate greater prospect interest, enthusiasm, and buy-in. Siker will address how to creatively and consistently devise and present intriguing selling messages and supporting information that not only yields greater candidate and client engagement, but that can also serve to distinguish individual recruiters as being distinctly better than their competitors.

Session Takeaways:
1. Understanding contemporary employment branding theory, concepts, and strategies
2. Capturing key client branding data within position intake discussions and rapidly producing innovative candidate-facing collateral
3. Effectively impacting candidate perceptions via a wellcrafted Recruitment “Stump Speech”

Aaron Wandtke
Desk management and recruiting strategy

Topic description coming soon!

Session Takeaways:
1. Create your own personal success formula
2. Business Development strategies
3. Define you recruiting and client strategy

Greg Doersching
Hindsight in 2020

It’s finally happened - I’ve been around Recruiting long enough to have developed real hindsight. After 27 years in Recruiting, making hundreds of placements, coaching thousands of Recruiters I can now definitively say – this is what works best. That’s what we’re going to spend this session on – talking about the absolute, no questions asked, these are the things that absolutely make the difference between the average biller and the true Top Producer. Some will shock you; some will awe you and some will make you ask “really?” but all of them will help you significantly impact your production.

Session Takeaways:
1. A low-maintenance Client Development Plan
2. The 14 points you have to match to make a placement
3. Living the Quality over Quantity Mindset

Barbara Bruno
High-Tech High Touch Recruiting

Technology has dramatically changed the Staffing and Recruiting Profession. Ironically, many clients and candidates feel we're all alike and only view them as a source of revenue. This session will be filled with many subtle changes you can implement to combine hightech with a high touch approach to business. Topics addressed will include: 1. Communication has changed 2. Stop writing skillbased job orders, contracts or temp assignments 3. Interview to eliminate emotion or bias 4. Place candidates who become engaged and retained.

Session Takeaways:
1. The importance of performance objectives
2. The need to eliminate emotion and bias
3. How to improve engagement, retention and redeployment

Michelle E Parchman
How to Bill HALF MILLION and Work Less Than 15 Hours a Week - PROVEN!

A fast-paced, energetic presentation on how to work two to five hours a day, Monday to Thursday, and bill Half-A-million-dollar, year after year.

Specific steps will be presented on how Michelle Parchman has consistently billed Half-A-Million, year after year, while working remote and part-time, and most summers off for vacation.

The presentation includes the following:
• A Sample Daily schedule
• How to set up a low-cost office
• How to implement a ROI plan that is strategic and simple
• How to implement a DAILY “TOP 10” strategic list proven to increase your ROI
• How to create a personalized, goal-oriented annual plan

Session Takeaways:
1. Top 10 Daily strategy "To Do" list
2. Create a "low cost" office
3. Create a higher ROI on your time and billings

Ed Anderson
How to Increase Your Odds of Succe$$

This session will focus on key areas that recruiters need to focus on to be successful. I will outline all the parts of the 'Placement Process' and give additional insight into key areas where you can influence the outcome to give you better odds of sustained success. I will also give a unique twist on why recruiters DON'T do the things that they need to do to be successful. This session will help bridge the gap between 'what I should be doing' and 'why I'm not'.

Session Takeaways:
1. What are key areas I can influence a positive outcome
2. I can identify where my 'holes' are in my process
3. What I need to focus on to improve my odds

Diane Geller
What Goes Into A Solid Client Agreement and When is the Last Time You Reviewed It?

As more employers turn to temps in the limited labor market, staffing agencies need to minimize the snags that may come up in the relationship and should stay alert for signs of potential problems. This also applies to the direct hire market where having a good agreement can make the difference in getting paid.

There are abundant examples of learning the hard way and Diane will cover avoiding legal risks and covering your assets when developing new relationship with a company for temporary workers and direct hire placements.

Session Takeaways:
1. Key points to include in any client contract.
2. How to adapt a client contract to provide protection to you.
3. How to protect your company if you can't get a contract signed

Timothy Alderman
Diary of a Wimpy Salesperson

Why do salespeople and recruiters fail? Why do talented, intelligent, motivated, hard-working people fail? And what do you do about it? We test people, have them take multiple interviews, on-board them, have them work with top producers. We give them everything they need, yet many don't make it.

In this session, Tim will talk about what goes on in the heads of recruiters and salespeople. What "head trash" do they bring with them that we must deal with for them to be successful? Nobody we hired was a sales wimp, so how did they turn into one? How do we deal with "the games" that our prospects and candidates play? Why are salespeople looking for "love" in all the wrong places? The power of operating from a position of abundance vs. a position of scarcity.

Let's discover together what's in the diary of a wimpy salesperson.

Session Takeaways:
1. Learning Why People Fail
2. Why Fear is Like Kryptonite
3. What to do about it?


September 26 - 28, 2021
8:00 - 5:00pm MST


Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa
2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy.
Henderson, Nevada 89052
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