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Posted By Administration, Monday, August 31, 2020

When did you join NAPS and how long have you been a member?

I joined NAPS on 9/11/2001 when I started with McCall Staffing Association! I will never forget that date! I became CPC certified the next May. At first, it was a job requirement but I quickly saw the value and have personally maintained my certification through education since then. The Certified Personnel Consultant or CPC education keeps me current on employment law in my state and nationally. I started as an employee of a member firm and now almost 20 years later, I have been an independent recruiter for 11. Jennifer McCall was a board member when I worked with her and she introduced me to this great organization and the wonderful experiences and knowledge that members not only bring but share!

What is your involvement with NAPS today?

I am currently a very active member of NAPS and serve as secretary on the executive board. I work closely with our conference committee, specifically with our vendors. As an organization we want to make sure they are getting the best value and make sure they know how grateful we are for their support of NAPS. Throughout the year, we are asked for referrals to different products or services and we make sure we are recommending from our conference vendors. It makes it easy to do so when you know the “real” people behind the product. The NAPS conference not only allows us to see first-hand what the product does, but it allows us to put a name and face to it. Recruiters are natural networkers and there is no place better to network than a NAPS Annual Conference.

What have been the biggest benefits you’ve realized come from being a NAPS member?

Education and relationships! I have been certified since 2002, and the education has kept me current and differentiates me from my uncertified colleagues. It is my mission to provide a quality product in an ethical manner. By attending our lunch and learns along with the annual conference, I am confident that I am current on all new laws well before they go into effect. In 2019 NY (my state) alone had many new initiatives and they were not all standard across the state. You add that to the national list and we were busy. NAPS had a few legal updates via webinar in addition to our annual update provided at the conference. I am grateful to NAPS and Littler for providing us the access to legal updates. The relationships I have formed through NAPS are just as valuable. As an independent recruiter, I rely on my colleagues to be my sounding board so to speak. There are times when you face moral or ethical challenges OR just a difficult situation and you need an opinion, I have built a strong circle of friends I can rely on to guide me. That is not to be confused with “tell me what I want to hear.” They are professionals and provide honest feedback—they are all willing to have the difficult conversations. This year, 2020 has been especially hard and through it all NAPS and my colleagues have been there for moral support, ideas to weather this storm, collaboration and most of all provided HOPE for the future. Yes, I am talking about people who are my competitors, but in NAPS we are a community that works together to provide our clients with the most ethical recruiting practices. Our certification depends on this and we hold each other accountable. I am grateful that I can always email, text or call a friend!

What would you say to someone considering joining NAPS?

If you are considering NAPS...DO IT! You will not be disappointed in the value this organization will add. There are so many benefits to being a member. They are all listed on the website or feel free to call me! As I said being part of the NAPS community means there will always be someone there for you. To name a few there is certification, education, “ask an expert,” the conference, relationships and discounts. I personally love a deal and we are always working to bring more mutually beneficial programs to the table. I would love to see more collaboration with vendors and hope we can make this happen in the future. You really can’t go wrong with joining NAPS. If you are a recruiter, an owner or a vendor in the industry NAPS is the place to be, get known, get in the know and thrive!

What upcoming plans, initiatives or events are you most excited about in 2020?

Well normally I would say the NAPS conference as it is the best way to get most of the benefits in one place, but we will have to wait until 2021! See you in Vegas! This year though, we have had webinars to keep us in the loop and the town hall with industry veterans to help us through this pandemic. The NAPS at-night study group for certifications prep is new in 2020, and it has been a great success. I studied with co-workers on lunch breaks but this takes it to an entirely new level. The group is moderated by our president, Trinette Cunningham, and any questions can be posed to veteran recruiters or to our legal counsel—another benefit of being a member. I recently took a look at the lunch and learns for the rest of 2020, and there are so many to choose from and all sound like you will walk away with something to elevate your business. NAPS is continuing to provide programs to educate the membership in a timely manner and provide content that is up to date and needed with current issues.

Anything you would like to add that we have not covered?

For me NAPS is an extension of my company. Working alone can make you feel isolated and disconnected. I have learned more from being part of NAPS than I did when I worked for an established company. My employer was a great recruiter and a wonderful mentor but times change and if you are isolated and do not change as the environment changes, you will be left behind. NAPS has opened up a whole new world of ideas, processes and procedures. Before I joined NAPS I was not sure how I compared to my colleagues in the industry. I was not clear on what metrics I should be using. NAPS recently took a survey asking for data from members, then compiled that data to be shared with all members. We are in the process of updating and rolling this out again soon. I used this data to assess where I was compared to others in the industry, and I used it as motivation to strive for what I want going forward. NAPS is a true community and connects industry colleagues internationally, and the conference brings us together, for networking, education and fun!

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Welcome GAPS members to NAPS!

Posted By Administration, Friday, May 8, 2020

For over six decades, GAPS has been the preeminent professional association of Executive Search, Recruiters and Staffing companies in Georgia and has brought recruiting industry professionals from across the state and country together for continued education, professional development and community building opportunities since its inception.

Effective May 1, 2020, all current paid memberships of the Georgia Association of Personnel Services (GAPS) will officially be transferred to the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) due to the recent dissolution of GAPS. We are so excited about this transition and having these members within our NAPS community!

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NAPS Member Spotlight: Ryan Scott, CPC

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, April 8, 2020

When did you join NAPS and how long have you been a member?
I was originally credentialed by NAPS in 2007 and have been an active participant in conferences, education, and other association offerings as a member since 2013/2014.

What is your involvement with NAPS today?
I have found myself in a very unexpected place with the NAPS community. I have always found value in industry credentialing and continuous learning. In the beginning, I also expected to find value in personally attending conferences or sending employees to learn about new processes, practices, and technologies available, helping to stay ahead of the curve and maintain various competitive advantages. Did that; found value; no surprise.

I have always been somewhat skeptical and distrusting of other people who could be considered competitors, in any context. However, when I began attending conferences regularly, I came to know a few high performing members who I would now consider a part of my inner circle of trusted friends and colleagues. As these relationships developed, I found myself involved with the NAPS Board of Directors, where I presently serve as Chair elect.

As a member of the Board, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with other key influencers, present and past Board members, NAPS team members, and other key stakeholders on the tangent of the industry. From this vantagepoint, I have learned NAPS members, generally speaking, and those who take the time to participate and justify the spend to attend conference in various cities year over year tend to be a cut above the rest. My participation with NAPS has been professionally and personally rewarding for many years.

What have been the biggest benefits you’ve realized as a NAPS member?
A few noteworthy benefits come to mind. While it is hard to comment on NAPS benefits without mentioning education and credentialing, NAPS does it better than anyone else, there is much more value hidden within the NAPS community.

As a business owner, principal consultant, or manager of an organization, the recruiting and staffing industry will undoubtedly present challenges and opportunities. Sometimes the distinction between these is obscure and your greatest opportunities are presented in hard times and dire circumstances. Working through these challenges and opportunities can be very lonely and stressful, especially when making unpopular decisions to improve company performance and better serve the organizations and people who trust you and your firm to find and/or employ the people who make their company possible. I am sure many of our members and prospective members can relate amidst the COVID 19 crisis.

The relationships I have developed as result of my participation with NAPS have been the greatest source of value. Talking through scenarios and sharing ideas with one or two trusted colleagues, who have no stake in your organization, can be valuable when working through challenging situations or big opportunities. I have found value here and I am confident those in my inner circle have empowered one another to advance one another’s overall capabilities, impact, and sphere of influence.

What would you say to someone considering joining NAPS?
You will take from NAPS what you are willing to put in. Everyone receives access to education, credentialing, member discounts, exposure to new technology and tools, etc. However, the greatest value will come from your participation and the relationships you develop along the way.

What upcoming plans, initiatives, or events are you most excited about in 2020?
2020 will be an interesting and challenging year. My thoughts on this question are very different today, in the first week of April, than the first week of March. The COVID 19 crisis has presented a set of unprecedented circumstances nobody expected and for which very few were prepared. In times like this, we see the best and worst of people. The NAPS community includes some of the most resourceful and creative individuals in the world. Since mid-March, I have seen the best of people in unlikely places and many NAPS members coming together, helping one another with ideas, strategies, and reassurance for one another and the companies they serve.

Many of our members find themselves in challenging places today. This hurts my heart; I understand their frustration and the anxiety and fear they may be experiencing, but I am confident they will pull through and find themselves stronger on the other side. This too shall pass, and a very bright future awaits. Our members are resourceful, adaptive, and resilient. They will build mountains of character and solid, sustainable business practices working through this crisis and delivering value to the companies they serve.

I am most excited to see familiar faces at the next conference and for the opportunity to learn about the resourceful, adaptive, and resilient means by which they helped their clients through this crisis and improved their businesses along the way.

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How to Stay Connected as an Office During COVID-19

Posted By Administration, Friday, March 27, 2020

By Mitch Rudolph, Avionté


We’re sure by now you’ve seen no less than 20 or so emails, hundreds of news articles and perhaps thousands of social posts regarding COVID-19 and how businesses plan to take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus.


While no doubt, many of these commutations are extremely important, lifesaving in some cases, this post is different.


Listed below is a collection of learnings and advice that we’ve gathered as a company over the last few weeks that can genuinely help your business embrace the “new normal” and continue doing what we as an industry do best, putting the nation to work.


Getting the Most out of Video

Do you remember how magical it was in the past decade once FaceTime came out? It really turned science fiction into science fact and allowed people to communicate in a whole new, personable way. Fast forward to 2020 and video has advanced significantly. There’s something more meaningful about seeing someone’s face vs. just their voice in a remote office setting.


At Avionté, using video chat vs. phone conversation is not enforced but it is heavily encouraged. Why? It creates a sense of team.


Being able to video chat someone instantly is similar to life back in the office when you could just walk up to a co-worker and ask them a question. Additionally, it adds a sense of professionalism. If you know you might have to be “camera-ready” while working from home, it adds a layer of purpose to your day and comes in handy when a client or boss calls.


Frequent Communication

Our executive team has been fully transparent with what the company is doing and what they are planning on doing with the evolving situation. This helps tremendously keep employees, clients, prospects and partners at ease knowing what’s next. Here’s four communication methods that have been working well:

  • Opened up an internal chat group – This digital chat group provides the perfect environment for employees to ask questions, seek answers and offer daily doses of encouragement.
  • Daily email updates – Every weekday, an email is sent out from the executive team, sometimes just the CEO, Karl Florida, with updates, encouragements and a touch of humor to keep employees motivated and informed.
  • Open digital door policy – While the entire company is working remote, there’s an open digital door policy where employees can easily ask the executive team questions.
  • Email blast to all clients, prospects, employees and partners – Even though many companies are actively doing this, it’s still important to communication to the broader community what your business is doing about the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out Avionte’s email blast


Tips for Working from Remote

Working from home is definitely a “new normal” for many people, especially at our office where only a handful of folks BC (Before Coronavirus) worked remotely. To help ease others into the remote work lifestyle, we had our full-time remote employees send in their top tips for working productively from home. Here’s a small collection of their ideas:

  • Make your home office cozier by adding a plant, candle or placing it near a window with lots of sunshine
  • Workout before you start your remote day
  • Get dressed the way you would as if you’re going to the office
  • Stock up on delicious coffee (any coffee that’s better than the free stuff in the office)
  • Get into a morning routine
  • Take frequent short breaks to keep the blood flowing


In these perilous and uncertain times, humor still remains one of the best medicines when used appropriately. Whether that be memes, light-hearted dad jokes or even poking fun of the situation you’re in, humor is an excellent tool to keep moral high.


Here’s a few family-friendly jokes about the staffing industry for your enjoyment!


I once placed a firefighter for a job order only to find out they got fired a week later.


I hear staffing is really good in the garbage industry. Business is always picking up.


3 unwritten rules of staffing




Did you know that 3.14% of recruiters prefer pie charts?


We sincerely hope you find some nuggets of use out of this post. We’re living in some hectic times and it’s no doubt easy to feel disheartened. Just remember that we are resilient as an industry and we will get through this together.


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It’s All About Automation: Chatbots and Marketing Automation in Recruiting

Posted By Administration, Thursday, February 20, 2020


It’s hard to imagine there was a time when things like navigating, paying bills, shopping, and catching up on the news were done with little or no help from technology as we know it (and not that long ago, really).

But, in just a relatively short span of time, technology has permanently changed so much of how we do nearly everything—and it’s happened so seamlessly and intuitively that we barely notice it at times.

And how we recruit in 2020 is no different.

While the memories of Rolodexes and yellow pages may only just be beginning to fog (for some), recruiting has changed so drastically and so quickly that much of the day-to-day would seem unrecognizable to the earlier versions of ourselves.

The timeless skills like determination, communication, problem-solving, and network will never expire or become outdated, but, today, there are so many new, innovative tools available to the modern recruiter that make their lives easier.

Below, we’ll shed some light on a few of the more prominent trends in recruiting automation that we’ve noticed thus far in 2020.

Robots have been firmly beeping their way into a variety of industries for some time now. But recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) has spawned the new wave of their less physically-dependent offspring: the chatbot.

Finding the perfect candidate has always been the center of the bullseye for recruiters, and manually sifting through and engaging with a multitude of candidates has always been one of the biggest obstacles in the way.

As the foundational technology supporting it has sharply improved in recent years, chatbots are now capable of much more nuanced and sophisticated levels of conversation with users.

Chatbots can free up much of a recruiter’s time by quickly and reliably gathering pertinent information like resumes, contact information, interview availability, and answers to screening questions. Furthermore, these virtual assistants can even rank and categorize candidates based on parameters set by the recruiter.

Even relatively small procedures like these can radically bolster your screening efficiency and capability once they become automated.

And it’s even good news for job seekers: in this candidate-driven market, a faster, smoother, and more efficient candidate experience can be a huge competitive advantage.

(Here’s a link to a great article that reviews the best chatbots for recruiting in 2020 if you’re looking to make a move.)

Email marketing automation
One of the more critical responsibilities for recruiters is maintaining regular or semi-regular engagement with candidates—but it’s also one of the biggest time sinks. And when your ATS swells in size as your business grows, communicating with hundreds of people effectively over time can quickly become overwhelming.

Enter email marketing automation.

When done correctly, email marketing helps recruiters by automating routine, tedious processes and engage with candidates (or clients) at scale.

There is really no shortage of applications; it all depends on your business. But, for just one example, creating an email marketing strategy for candidates you’ve placed out on contract can help promote engagement and keep you at the top of their minds down the road.

You can schedule an email that goes out on the day a candidate starts out on their new engagement, thank them, and provide tips for their first day. You can then send a follow-up in six weeks that checks in to see how things are going and maybe schedule a call or a lunch. And then again in six months asking if they’re reaching the end of their contract and looking for their next opportunity.

And it’s all automatic.

Again, this is just one example, and the strategy will vary depending on your own unique circumstance, but, regardless of your business, there’s likely more than one way you stand to benefit from exploring email marketing automation initiatives.

Join NAPS!
NAPS, the leading educator for the staffing industry since 1961, offers a wide range of benefits that positions its members at the forefront of the staffing and recruiting world. Join today to take advantage of our educational programs, credentialing programs, networking opportunities, exclusive discounts, and more!

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Recruiting in a New Decade: The Rise of the Softer Skills

Posted By Administration, Monday, February 17, 2020



Entering the workforce, and recruiting from within it, is vastly different than in years past.

Employers lament about the prevailing skills shortage and the cramp it puts on their hiring efforts—CEOs globally consider the current talent shortage to be the top emerging risk for their companies.

Meanwhile, jobseekers express frustration that the traditional career path of getting an education (or learning a skill), getting a job, and then staying at that job until they retire seems to be vanishing. 

Today, when organizations are hard-pressed to find qualified talent and workers are accustomed to upskilling, adapting to emerging technologies, and job-hopping, a certain classification of skills has emerged as the new differentiator: soft skills. 

While hardly a new phenomenon, the softer set of skills is getting a larger share of the spotlight and matter more now than ever before. 

We’ll cover a few of the more important soft skills in 2020 and explain why they matter.

Key soft skills to look for


Perhaps the most evergreen of all soft skills, creativity continually tops the list of most desirable soft skills for organizations across all industries (it’s topped LinkedIn’s top 5 most in-demand soft skills list for back to back years). 

Employees who can creatively approach problems and tasks and consistently deliver solutions are incredibly valuable for virtually every business role. Identifying individuals who are intellectually agile can be a bit tricky, though. 

Be sure to ask open-ended questions that allow room for candidates to explain past scenarios where they displayed creative problem-solving. 

Growth mindset

Business is now conducted during an era of rapid change. New impactful technologies sprout up weekly and assert their effects over a variety of processes. The responsibilities of any given role can change dramatically over the course of a year and workers are forced to scramble to adapt. 

An individual that scores high in the “growth mindset” soft skill believes that their talents can be developed through hard work and feedback and are thus well-positioned to rise to the dynamic challenges of the modern workplace. 

Conversely, an individual scoring low in this soft skill believes that their talents are set in stone and unchangeable.

Being able to identify a growth mindset skill among candidates can be hugely important for specific roles; ask candidates to share examples of when a role they had in the past changed and how they adapted to it. 


For as much as a technically gifted employee can accomplish in their individual role, today organizations are putting an increasing amount of emphasis on one’s ability to collaborate with others. 

High-performing teams will always outpace a high-performing individual and companies are beginning to select for individuals who have demonstrated a willingness and ability to work well with others to achieve a common goal. 

There’s a reason the maxim “teamwork makes the dream work” has been so well known for so long. No matter how talented a certain candidate may be, if they are difficult to work and struggle to be an effective team member, the workplace will almost certainly suffer. 

Take time when evaluating candidates to make sure they express a genuine earnestness to collaborate and be a helpful contributor to a larger team. Ask them to provide examples of successful collaboration at prior roles (or, maybe even more effective, examples of unsuccessful collaboration).

Join NAPS!

NAPS, the leading educator for the staffing industry since 1961, offers a wide range of benefits that positions its members at the forefront of the staffing and recruiting world. Join today to take advantage of our educational programs, credentialing programs, networking opportunities, exclusive discounts, and more!

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NAPS Member Spotlight: Meredith Mueller Daly

Posted By Administration, Monday, February 17, 2020

Q: When did you join NAPS and how long have you been a member?
I first became affiliated with NAPS back in 2013, when I was a part of the Georgia chapter, way back when we used to operate in chapters. We have certainly transformed and evolved as the recruiting landscape has over time.

Q: What is your involvement with NAPS today?
I am not only an active member, but I am also on the board of directors. I am heavily involved in workshops and in the annual conference as well. I am hoping to get on a committee focused on certification, as there are several different tracks. I am currently CPC certified. The Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC) certification is the first and oldest certification designated for the recruiting industry. It offers you a terrific education on employment law. It helps individuals establish a very high level of ethics in the industry, which is extremely important.

In order to maintain that high standard of performance for our clients, it’s important that our clients and the recruiting community as a whole know about this certification program. It also requires a certain amount of hours of continuing education each year. It ensures that you are committed to the industry and to your clients - committed to taking care of the candidates you’re working with and providing the best candidate experience.

Q: What have been the biggest benefits you’ve realized come from being a NAPS member?
Professional education and the certification program. Ongoing and continuing educational development is extremely important to me. I’m a lifelong learner and I’m not the kind of person that does anything halfway, so I want to ensure that everything I’m doing is serving my constituents to the best of my ability.

Also... conferences! The education that we receive at the conference is the best in the industry. Period. On top of that, it’s a tremendous opportunity to get to know and partner with some of the top leaders in the industry. It’s small enough in that it’s not an overwhelming presence (compared to others in the industry), but it gives you a very intimate opportunity to get to know people who are just like you with similar goals, business models and understanding what works and how to overcome challenges.

Q: What would you say to someone considering joining NAPS?
I think the first thing I would say is that it is the leading organization in the recruiting industry that will provide you with best-in-class professional education. Also, becoming certified is key to setting yourself apart from those who are not as serious or dedicated to preserving integrity in the industry.

Q: What upcoming plans, initiatives or events are you most excited about in 2020?
What I am very excited about is an upcoming webinar that is hosted by one of our legal partners - “Calls, Texts and Ringless Voicemails—shielding yourself from TCPA Claims.” This topic could be very important and pertinent in regard to cold-calling, which is revolutionizing the way recruiting firms operate. Auto-dials or robocalls. One person had to pay $975,000 because they did not go about it the right way, so the proper education is so paramount and vital to not only business growth, but survival. Since I’m a NAPS member, I don’t have to pay a lawyer to learn all of this pertinent information. Being a member gives you access to the legal minds that are specialized in the employment industry. NAPS gives me everything I need to know when I need to know it. I could not recommend NAPS highly enough!



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Let go of the FOMO and embrace the JOMO

Posted By Administration, Monday, February 10, 2020

Why the Joy of Missing Out is essential in leading a balanced life

By Karen Schmidt, Managing Partner of Next Level Exchange



How was January both the longest year ever, and absolutely fly by at the same time? How has your stress level decreased since the holidays – let me guess, it hasn’t! As recruiters, my opinion is that we feel an insane level of stress more often than not.  


In fact, for many recruiters, pending deadlines and packed schedules are not overwhelming, but instead serve as a driving force that pushes them toward greater productivity. We have deals to close, goals to achieve, sales incentive trips to earn, financial success to attain, exercise regimes to master, dreams to chase, and people to help and inspire. The “I work best under pressure” mantra environment creates a Catch-22;  we get frustrated with ongoing stress, but perform at the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency when under the exact stress we try to escape. I wanted to address this topic to our NAPS audience because I believe that great recruiters are over-achievers by nature and this is something worth reflecting upon. We spend time at conferences, or on Next Level Exchange, discussing ways to keep our businesses healthy but spend very little time (or none at all) focusing on the health of our own selves. 


For some, busyness can be reassuring; a feeling of constant forward-motion and accomplishment is much preferred over being stagnant or empty. That reassurance can come with an eventual price – stress, while beneficial in moderate amounts, is harmful in excessive amounts, as are most things. In fact, I think some are even addicted to stress! Heidi Hanna, author of Stressaholic: 5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Stress argues that multiple demands on our time and energy have created a neurochemical dependence on stress. By activating the dopamine reward center in the brain that feeds us feel-good endorphins, stress can temporarily boost performance, explaining why some appear to get so much done when under extreme pressure. Just like a drug, the feelings of stress and preoccupation are extremely addictive. The transition between being hyper-busy to more reasonable levels of activity may be a foreign feeling and withdrawal symptoms may come along with it. When one becomes addicted to non-stop thinking, worrying, striving, efforting, achieving, straining and stressing, to allow oneself to be truly relaxed and simply breathe can be an adjustment. It may even feel boring!


So, how do you simplify and balance while still being an amazing recruiter who achieves all you are capable of?


If you are a self-diagnosed “stress junkie”, start by asking yourself a few simple questions to be sure your efforts support your true intentions:  


• What is it you really want to accomplish?  How does your busyness support your end goals? 

• What are the most important elements of your life?  Your family?  Your health?  Your spirituality?  How much time and focus are you dedicating each day to those elements?

• Do you control your day, your career, and your life – or do you find those things controlling you?

• What comfort do you find in being stressed?  Why is it uncomfortable to be relaxed or reflective?


Okay, so you’ve self-diagnosed. Now what??? One suggestion is to evaluate, and then trim away, all of the non-essentials in your day. What are you involved with out of obligation that could be less frequent or eliminated entirely? How many social networking sites do you really need to update or check, and how often per day? What professional responsibilities could be delegated to others, but stay on your plate because “they’ve always been there”? Eliminating a few non-essential tasks or activities gives you the time and energy to invest in those things that are essential for your balance and wellbeing.


Make a list of all your current important projects that are not urgent, and then assign at least two one-hour slots a week to work on them. If you don’t begin to do some of the strategic work now, when will you? Sometimes we get so busy with the minutiae that we neglect the forward-motion activity required for true progress or change. Usually, the most important things in your life are not necessarily the most urgent. They don't call you on the phone, put deadlines on your calendar, or knock incessantly at your door. They are often quiet - in the background - easy to forget and neglect. Schedule time for those important projects, and then schedule the nonessentials around them.


Consider dejunking your office and living environment. Get rid of physical items you don't need from old magazines and newspapers, to clothes that don't fit, to toys and movies that the kids have outgrown. When what you don't need is out of the way, it takes much less time and energy to find the things you do need. I haven’t watched Marie Kondo’s show because if I truly threw away everything that didn’t “spark joy” for me, I would be sitting on the curb with my dogs and my wine fridge, but perhaps her show would help you with this concept if you can sit through it. And I apologize if I’ve just offended any of you who are Tidying Up junkies, I’m sure it’s an incredible show.


Add activities into your schedule that you enjoy, and be fully present as you're doing them. You may feel you don't have the time, but consider how much extra energy and motivation you receive from pursuing hobbies and gratifications, and how that energy might help you with your regular responsibilities. 


Finally, stop trying to be all things to all people! It is okay to say “no”, or to set expectations as to when it is realistic for you to accomplish the task at hand. In today's busy, demanding world, we will likely always have more to do than we can ever get done in a single day. Find joy and fulfillment in small achievements, day by day, and one at a time. Okay, those are my tips for all of us trying to maintain the balance in either our post-new-year frenzy or just our normal daily routines! Thank you for reading, and know that our entire team is here to help improve the health of your recruiting business and the health of your minds and souls!




Next Level Exchange offers the most comprehensive professional development programs in the search industry, with over 125 different recruiting trainers and big billers sharing their best practices for excellence in search and staffing.  Get two weeks free to what many refer to as “Netflix for Recruiters” at Follow Next Level on LinkedIn for more: .

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Why the Candidate Experience Matters More Now than Ever

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, February 5, 2020


It’s 2020 and it’s hardly newsworthy to report that the balance of power in recruiting has shifted dramatically from employers to candidates. We operate within a candidate-driven market, established in part by the US unemployment numbers seeming to reach new record lows with each passing month. 

While it’s wonderful to think of a country where fewer and fewer people are out of work, this climate makes acquiring talent extremely difficult today. 

No longer are candidates falling over themselves to be the first to knock on your door. Today, you have to go knock on theirs—and the odds are, you’re not the only one. 

In most industries, this historically tight labor market has made qualified candidates the market’s most rare and valuable commodity. Software developers, for just one example, consider a week in which they’re reached out to by recruiters or hiring managers three separate times as relatively slow. 

Because leading candidates have little trouble garnering job offers (even when they’re not looking for them), a new differentiator has emerged that separates the organizations that acquire these candidates from the ones that don’t: the candidate experience. 

Over the past several years, candidates have steadily begun to hold more and more cards in the recruiting process. Where once HR departments could luxuriate in a hiring process that could stretch anywhere between 3-6 weeks, new data shows that candidates are rarely willing to wait more than two weeks to receive an offer before they move on. 

Good recruiting is now inexorably linked to a good candidate experience marked by communication, convenience, transparency, and expediency. We’ll share some insights and statistics on why this is more important now than ever before below. 

What is the Candidate Experience?

You probably already have a good idea about which components make up the overall candidate experience. Still, it’s important to hammer out the details to make sure no stage is being neglected. 

The candidate experience includes the entire hiring process from the job search and application to the screening process, interview(s), onboarding, and all of the communication and scheduling in between.

Candidates begin developing an impression about an employer long before they walk through their doors—every touchpoint throughout the hiring process contributes to this perception. And this perception is essential for your recruiting efforts as only 2% of candidates indicate they applied to an organization about which they held a negative impression.  

More importantly, even if they do have a positive perception of an organization, 83% of talent say that a negative experience can change their mind about a company they once liked. However, a polished, hassle-free candidate experience can be just as powerful in helping establish a positive impression and attract talent—87% of candidates report a positive candidate experience can change their mind about a company they once doubted. 

Coming off the heels of a year in which the number of job openings exceeded the number of unemployed Americans by the largest margin in history, many differentiators like salary, benefits, perks, and company culture have leveled out as employers compete in an arm’s race to entice top talent. All things being equal, the power of a simple, clear, communicative, and timely candidate experience can have a tremendous influence on job seekers. 

Regularly evaluating your hiring process and devoting real, meaningful time into developing a personalized candidate experience that engages and informs job seekers every step of the way and isn’t bogged down by unnecessary or complicated steps can be a huge differentiator in today’s ultra-competitive hiring landscape. 

Join NAPS!

NAPS, the leading educator for the staffing industry since 1961, offers a wide range of benefits that positions its members at the forefront of the staffing and recruiting world. Join today to take advantage of our educational programs, credentialing programs, networking opportunities, exclusive discounts, and more!

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So, You’re a NAPS Member — Now What?

Posted By NAPS Admin, Wednesday, January 22, 2020

NAPS Member Benefits


While it’s nice to say you’re officially affiliated with the staffing industry’s leading educator since 1961, being a NAPS member means much, much more than that. From gaining access to our lauded credentialing services to exclusive publications, there is a wide array of services available to those eager to position themselves at the forefront of the staffing and recruiting world. 

We’ll break down the major benefits available to our members in further detail so you can ensure you’re getting the most out of your membership. 

Professional & Business Development

While our premiere credentialing programs garner a considerable amount of attention from our members (over 20,000 of whom have received credentials), we believe it’s important to highlight all the other ways in which professionals can further their professional and business development through their membership. 

  • Virtual Folio

    • Members receive access to a robust library of seminars from expert speakers across a range of meaningful, relevant topics. Easily accessed, no matter where you are, these seminars let members stay current and engaged in the latest industry standards and practices.

  • Annual Conference

    • The NAPS Annual Conference has long been considered the premier education opportunity representing the search, recruiting, and staffing industry. Each year we strive to bring the most value, information, and inspiration to all who attend by featuring many keynote speakers who are thought leaders in their respective disciplines. This year’s conference is being held September 13-15 in Henderson, Nevada; you can register and reserve your spot here!

  • Educational Programs

    • In addition to our national conference, NAPS provides its members with educational opportunities (like these webinars) throughout the calendar year. Take a peek at our events calendar here to see what we have in store in the coming months.

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts!

Your NAPS membership unlocks a long list of discounts for you to take advantage of. Our Allied Firm Marketplace grants significant discounts to recruiting services like Crelate Talent’s all-in-one ATS, Happy Candidates Career Portal, Premiere Coaching Club, and more. 

Additionally, we partnered with 360 Coverage Pros to provide our members with a wide range of exclusive programs, discounts, and tailored services. A brief sampling of those benefits include:

  • Office Depot Discounts

    • All you need is your Association membership, and you can get as much as 80% in savings on preferred items nationwide.

  • Wyndham Hotel Discounts

    • Your membership can get you up to 20% off the “Best Available Rate” at over 7,500 participating locations worldwide.

  • FIGO Pet Health Insurance

    • Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, FIGO offers three customizable, comprehensive health plans, and NAPS members enjoy a 5% discount on their policy.

  • And much, much more


Our monthly newsletters and industry directories allow our members to stay current on the critical topics facing the staffing and recruiting world and provides a forum for the free exchange of ideas among peers. 

Once you become a member, the NAPS bookstore houses all of the exclusive NAPS publications including:

  • Monthly NAPS Newsletter

  • Quarterly Credential Newsletter

  • Quarterly NAPS Legal Newsletter

  • Access & Potential Listing in the NRCSIP (National Registry of Certified Staffing Industry Professionals) directory

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Building and maintaining robust networks are cornerstones of the staffing at recruiting industry. At NAPS, we pride ourselves on the networking opportunities that we are able to create for our members. Our annual conference (at which we expect about 400 attendants!) and yearlong networking opportunities allow our members to forge fruitful relationships that they otherwise may not have had the chance to make. 

Regardless of which particular benefit initially encouraged you to join NAPS, we strongly encourage everyone to explore and take advantage of our full range of benefits to get the most out of your membership year after year! 

Need to renew your membership? Click here

Ready to join NAPS? Click here



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