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We are an AI Recruiting platform that empowers recruiters with modern technology that will make finding great talent easier. We utilize the data available on the open web and in your internal database to identify talent movement and hiring trends. By analyzing more than 500 million social professional profiles and candidates in your ATS, we establish sourcing and successful recruiting patterns to identify the ideal candidates. Our patent-pending technology uses machine learning algorithms and behavior pattern analysis to source candidates who are the right fit.




Automated Business Designs 


ABD has been the best in staffing software innovation and service since 1982. ABD’s Ultra-Staff staffing software features a full front and back-office solution for direct hire, contract/temporary and medical placement. Ultra-Staff’s Web Portal Suite offers tools for job boards, social media, applicant onboarding, web portal, full mobile capability and more. Start your unparalleled search and staffing software experience at or call us for a Discovery Meeting at 800-944-4223.



Avionte Staffing Software


Avionté Staffing Software provides innovative front and back office staffing software solutions to over 900 customers and 25,000 users throughout the U.S. and Canada. With one end-to-end staffing software solution, staffing agencies have access to the information and tools they need – anytime, anywhere via any device – to maximize productivity and profits. For more information, visit or reach out to



Bullhorn is a cloud computing company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Thecompanyprovides customer relationship management (CRM), applicant tracking system (ATS) and operations software for the staffing industry. As of 2018, the company reported more than 8,000 customers in more than 150 countries.




CATS Software


CATS is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that serves nearly 6,000 professional recruiters in over 50 countries. Created by recruiters, for recruiters, CATS provides a customizable and intelligent software that accelerates the recruitment process. CATS enables recruiters to focus on the more important, human interactions by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating unnecessary screen time. To learn more, visit or follow @catsone on Twitter.






ConnectHR is in the business of helping businesses, like yours, grow through integrated software and expertise that helps teams get and stay organized.

Recruiters and staffing agencies are judged on their ability to match highly qualified candidates with open positions ranging from short-term placements to full-time salaried employees. With ConnectHR intelligent messaging system FasCast, firms can easily catalog and message qualified candidates as soon as an opening is available to better meet their corporate clients' needs. Responsive, business-focused group messaging is always within easy reach when you need it most.

And ConnectHR groundbreaking, modular HR solution allows you to manage HR the way you want to manage, not the way everybody else does. Explore ConnectHR and experience personalized service beyond compare. ConnectHR: Bringing Innovative Solutions to Your Business




Crelate Talent


Crelate provides flexible recruiting software to staffing & recruiting Agencies. Crelate helps recruiters collaboratively build and manage both talent and opportunity pipelines in a single recruiting solution. By providing Recruiting CRM features and Applicant Tracking in a single cloud-based solution, Crelate helps recruiting professionals efficiently source and engage more candidates and make more placements.

To learn more visit: or for a free trial or demonstration click here








EmployStream offers the best onboarding and candidate experience platform in the staffing industry. Built to automate and simplify critical touchpoints throughout the hiring process, EmployStream’s cloud-based, mobile-first platform makes qualifying, hiring, and engaging candidates easy for everyone involved. It eliminates costly mistakes and delays allowing companies to hire up to 90% faster and at half the cost.









Essential StaffCARE products are specifically designed with unique administrative processes and product features exclusively for the staffing industry. Essential StaffCARE is the largest provider of health insurance and benefits to the staffing industry, serving over 2,450 staffing companies over our 20+ year history.





Foxhire was originally incorporated in 1992 to make it easy for Recruiters, Staffing Firms, and HR Professionals to place and hire contractor workers. Since our inception, we have employed ~20,000 contract staffing workers as our W-2 employees in every state of the USA.

As the legal employer of record for our contract workers, we handle all of the employment and personnel related tasks (e.g., timesheets, payroll, contracts, benefits, insurance, etc.) so you don’t have to.

To make hiring contract workers as easy as possible, we reinvested millions of dollars into streamlining our software systems in 2018 and 2019. Now you can log in and start running quotes to see your client’s bill rate, your contractor’s pay rate, and what you will earn!

We have been known as Top Echelon Contracting for nearly two decades, but with the simplification of our software systems came the need for a simpler name. Starting in 2019, we started doing business as d/b/a “FoxHire” — but our values and dedication are the same.





Haley Marketing


Haley Marketing is the largest marketing firm in the world dedicated to servicing the recruitment and staffing industry. Websites. Mobile-optimized job portal. Social media. Blog Writing. Email marketing. SEO. PPC. Corporate identity. Strategy. You name it. Whether you’re looking to drive sales leads or attract more qualified candidates, we provide the marketing tools and technology for your recruiting firm to stand out in a saturated market.





Innovative Employee Solutions


Are you turning down contract placements or avoiding placements out-of-state? If so we are the solution for you! Recruiters nationwide have turned to Innovative Employee Solutions as their Employer of Record, providing industry leading HR outsourcing solutions. Whether you’re a one-person office, or have multiple recruiters, IES allows you to easily recruit contingent workers by taking the burden, risk and liability off your plate. To find out more on how to expand your business please call us at 858-300-2750 or visit us online at






LeoForce is the first recruiting robotics software in the industry and is the perfect fit for recruiting teams that spend a lot of time searching for talent, but want more time to engage. A cousin to the traditional applicant tracking system (or ATS), LeoForceseparates itself with its recruiting robot, ARYA.




Next Level Exchange: The one-stop shop for the search industry.  With resources ranging from new recruiter training, advanced courses for veterans, owner-centric content, hiring support, and procurement discounts: you will find it all, and your own, Next Level.


Next Level Exchange offers the most comprehensive professional development programs in the search industry. Don’t just go through your career, grow through your career.  If you are the company you keep, we’ve got great company for you: expand your peer group today and learn from the 125+ different recruiting trainers and big billers sharing their best practices for excellence in search and staffing.


While Next Level is predominantly known for our streamed on-line training, that is a small portion of the resources we provide to search firm owners and recruiters!  Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about:


  • Having us help facilitate the training of your new hires, handling role playing, homework and feedback, script review, and live classroom interaction (classes launch every 2 weeks)
  • Live distance-based workshops in a group setting, or private-label for your firm
  • How Next Level Hiring can help identify the next recruiting Rockstar for your team (over 125 recruiters hired from our NLH team in 2019)
  • Website design, SEO, Newsletters and Marketing Automation, Blogs and Social Media, and all things Marketing Communications in between
  • Individual consulting for owners and senior leadership who want to solidify their firm’s foundation and have a platform for growth
  • Discounts on tools you are already using (or would use if they were more cost effective!)

Looking back on your success, imagine now if you could just focus on what you do best? If you had all the tools and resources needed to achieve your fullest potential?


Next Level fills a void in the highly entrepreneurial search industry; owners want to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.


The Next Level community represents the strongest group of recruiting firm experts ever assembled. Let’s talk about taking your firm to the Next Level.



On Time Talent Solutions


 Serving Healthcare Employers& Candidates across the country. At On Time Talent Solutions we put our foundation of 20+ years of healthcare staffing experience to work for you. Whether you’re a candidate looking for your next healthcare job to advance your career or an employer searching for the best candidates to fill your open positions, we take the time to understand your unique needs and provide you with the healthcare staffing solutions you need.





Parqa – Digital Marketing for the Staffing/Search/Recruiting Industry


Five years ago, Tony Sorenson restarted a recruiting firm from ground zero with a new brand in the marketplace. Now that search and consulting firm receives over 50% of revenue from digital marketing sources, has 20K LinkedIn followers, and are one of the largest recruiting firms in the Midwest. From that experience, Tony created Parqa, a digital marketing agency specializing in the recruiting industry. 

We’ve spoken at NAPS, SHRM, Allied Executives, the Ohio Recruiters Association, New York Staffing Association, and hosted Webinars and CEO Roundtables across the country about digital marketing. 


Parqa services include:


Are you ready to invest in your business and grow through digital marketing? 
Get a Free 15-minute Digital Marketing Assessment!





PCRecruiter recruiting software and staffing software products are used by thousands of third-party staffing and recruiting organizations as a central database, content manager, and communication tool. From single-user firms to multi-branch, multi-national operations, PCRecruiter offers the critical functionality to model the key records: Names, Jobs, Groups, and the events that connect them together for the core processes of marketing, assessing, recruiting, presenting, monitoring, and re-use of work product. With a Microsoft technology orientation (but use of best of breed open systems as well), PCRecruiter slots well into almost any technical environment and technology experience level. Delivered via cloud or self-host and configured for your nomenclature and locality, PCRecruiter is the choice of many of the best producing recruiters in the world. For more information visit:



People 2.0

As a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider to the Human Capital Services industry, People 2.0 offers a full spectrum of Employer of Record (EOR)/Agent of Record (AOR) and Statement of Work (SOW) administration services. We are proud to be the sought-after provider for mission-critical expertise, resources, and infrastructure.

With powerful services and tailored solutions, People 2.0 can help you meet the demand for a global contingent workforce, whether you are an Independent Recruiter, Online Recruitment Platform, or operating a Recruitment Process Outsourcing company. With People 2.0 handling all EOR/AOR/SOW responsibilities, our clients are relieved of the administrative and regulatory burdens that can derail their business opportunities. Don’t become burdened by back office demands. Deploy talent – now and into the future – with People 2.0. For more information visit:

People 2.0 offers a full suite of BPO solutions for:

  • Global on-demand workforce deployment
  • Continuously enhanced, fully integrated, customized back office technology solutions
  • Labor cost containment
  • Payroll processing and workforce analytics
  • Full risk management services
  • Invoice processing along with credit & collection support
  • Staff Accounting services
  • HR & Legal support

Our industry-leading team of deeply experienced Subject Matter Experts help our clients seize opportunities, overcome obstacles, and achieve all of their business goals. Trust our professional team to act as a resource for you in areas such as:

·       M&A Strategy and Execution

·       Risk/Claims Management

·       Technology and Security

·       Organizational Training and Development

·       Legal and Human Resources

·       Sales and Marketing Strategies

·       Global Payroll Complexities 



Ever wish you could get a sneak peek of a candidate’s natural job behaviors or an employee’s motivators? You can! It’s what The Omnia Group delivers to its clients every day.

The Omnia Group  is a behavioral assessment and employment consulting firm with over 30 years of experience. With millions of profiles processed, we know what it takes to make a great company greater. We have been consulting with small businesses, worldwide Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between since 1985.

What’s our secret? One powerful tool – The Omnia Profile. Simple, accurate and unbiased, the assessment can be competed in just 10 minutes. There are no confusing questions or irrelevant multiple choice scenarios. And it has been independently validated as 93 percent accurate. It is free of age, race, gender and cultural bias, and it complies with EEOC/ADA guidelines.

All that, and it provides real-world, business relevant insight into the inner workings of an organization’s most valuable asset, people. The Omnia Group’s Report Suites can be used as the foundation for any human capital need.

With just a few clicks, the assessment reveals an individual’s personality tendencies, taking the guesswork out of hiring, management and teambuilding efforts. With results in hand, clients have the insight they need to select, retain, develop and engage exceptional employees.

The Omnia Group also tailors the assessment to each client. Our skilled advisors learn about an organization’s culture, the demands of the positions, even the managers and co-workers for each role.

Best of all, we do not just send a report and leave the client to figure it out for themselves. We talk through the whole process and make sure every Omnia user is equipped to use the assessment effectively and take their business to the next level. Clients always talk to a real, live person, someone who is trained and dedicated to helping them hire and retain top talent.

We are in it for the long haul, too. Some of our clients have been with us for 30 years!

Here’s what some of them have to say about us:

“We started using the Omnia Profile about three years ago with all of our professional staff hires. Amazingly, the personality profile is spot on and it helped us hire the right people for our company. The profile created goes beyond other personality tests as it predicts a candidate’s behavioral traits and sense of purpose.  I never would have believed it to be so accurate until I used it.  As an added benefit, we are better able to understand how to work with, train and motivate the staff that have taken the profile. Needless to say, I highly recommend using the Omnia Profile as a tool in hiring candidates that are best matched for your company.”
~ Stevyn Voyles, Progressive Physical Therapy

“Going against Omnia’s recommendation is like betting against the instant replay!”
~ Marc Mandt, Mascus USA

Created by business people for business people, The Omnia Group has grown along with its clients by providing long-term support and an easy-to-use employee selection and retention tool. As Omnia enters its fourth decade in the compatibility assessment and employee retention business, it is helping more and more clients every year cut turnover and boost profit by building a better, more engaged workforce. For more information: 800.525.7117 x1226  |





PayCards benefit your employees, bottom line and the environment. With the rapid! PayCard®, you can create a great new employee benefit while reducing costs, improving efficiency, and deepening your commitment to corporate environmental responsibility. The rapid! PayCard® is completely free to implement, and we offer extensive personal training to ensure that your prepaid card program is a success. We understand what matters to you and are passionate about providing the best customer support in the industry.





Resume-Library is America’s fastest-growing job board with millions of fresh resumes available to search. Our true Pay for Performance model offers a cost-effective hiring solution to staffing agencies nationwide. With thousands of new resumes added to Resume-Library every day, you'll find talent on our site you can't find anywhere else.

To demonstrate the value we can add to your company, we want to offer you an exclusive free trial of Resume-Library. We'll create a custom package based around your team's needs - including unlimited access to our Resume Database and user licenses for your whole team!

Don't miss out - request your free trial here or call our team on 1-800-672-6706.




Top Echelon Software

Founded in 1988 in Canton, Ohio, Top Echelon’s mission statement is “To help the world work by providing innovative hiring software that transforms the employment marketplace.”

Top Echelon started solely as a split placement network, but it has expanded over the years, growing with its customers and creating new products and services to meet the needs of those customers. Top Echelon helps recruiters make more placements through its two main products and services: Top Echelon Network, the leading split placement network of recruiters, and Big Biller recruitment software for applicant tracking.

Visit to get started today!


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